The strategic objectives of our business segments

While AGRANA mainly operates within Europe in its Sugar and Starch segments, the operations of the group’s Fruit segment span the world. Our aim is to achieve a leading position among industrial players adding value to agricultural products.

Customer- and market-oriented global growth

In the Fruit segment, the Group’s business activities are fruit preparations (AGRANA Fruit, about 80% of the segment’s revenue) and fruit juice concentrates (AUSTRIA JUICE, about 20% of segment revenue):



Austria Juice

AGRANA Fruit produces custom fruit preparations for the dairy, ice cream and baking industries. With local production units in close proximity to customers, AGRANA is the world leader in this global market and intends to further expand its presence, follow its internationally operating customers into new markets and grow faster than the market.

AUSTRIA JUICE is a producer and reseller mainly of juice concentrates from apples, red fruits and berries. High quality is assured through manufacturing sites close to the crop-growing areas and by modern production facilities and frequent quality checks. The aim is to increase global sales into the beverage industry, including also the further expansion in not-fromconcentrate juices and fruit wines as well as in aromas and beverage bases.



Organic growth and the creation of value-added in custom-made products

In the Starch segment, AGRANA focuses on highly refined specialty products. Innovative, customer-driven products supported by application advice and continuous product development, combined with cost optimisation, are the key to the segment’s success. An example is the leading position in organic starches and GMO-free1 starches for the food industry. As well, in the non-food sector, the Group is a leading supplier of specialty starches for the paper, textile, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and building materials industries.

AGRANA’s essential core competency –the large-scale processing of agricultural raw materials into industrial products –is also the basis for the bioethanol business. In Austria, AGRANA is the leading vendor of this climate-friendly fuel thanks to the bioethanol plant in Pischelsdorf, Austria. AGRANA’s general goal is to enhance value-added through the optimal utilisation of all residual components of agricultural raw materials as by-products.


Customer- and market-oriented growth

In the Sugar segment, AGRANA is very well positioned as a supplier in the Central, Eastern and Southeastern European countries. Through high quality standards, market service, an extensive sugar product portfolio, and by building the Group’s regional brands, AGRANA differentiates itself from the competition.

In addition to the goal of positioning sugar as a regional brand-name product, AGRANA continues to strive for full capacity utilisation everywhere (including yield improvement) and an intensification of marketing activities in Southeastern Europe. The Group’s own production of beet sugar is supplemented by the reselling and refining activities of AGRANA’s Sugar segment, especially in the Southeastern European countries with beet sugar deficits.