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Our Offers for Students 

We are looking for highly committed and motivated people


Com­bine the­ory and prac­tice

Short-term internships at AGRANA allow you to gain early professional experience and establish contacts important for a later career start. We offer students and school pupils the chance to get to know various AGRANA divisions, particularly during the summer months of July, August and September.

We are look­ing for:

  • High school pupils or students at a university or university of applied sciences (business, natural sciences or technical degrees).
  • Good grades
  • The ability to work in teams, commitment, curiosity and reliability
  • A good written and spoken command of English

Our Offer


one to six months

Working hours:

flexible, depending on your availability and our requirements

Specialist areas at AGRANA:

 Communications, Finance (Accounting, Consolidation, Controlling, Mergers & Acquisitions, Treasury, Internal Audit), Human Resources, IT & Process Management, Legal Affairs & Compliance, Logistics & Supply Chain, Production & Technology, Purchasing, Quality Management, Raw Materials, Research & New Product Development, Sales & Marketing

Application deadline for a summer internship:

 End of January


Planning to write a practice-based dissertation or doctoral thesis at AGRANA?

Due to the intensive support which we offer our students preparing dissertations and doctoral theses, it is only possible for us to support a limited number of these academic projects.

Currently, we are not actively seeking students for dissertation or doctoral theses.

Please feel free, however, to send us interesting proposals. We will put you in touch with the relevant specialist departments and contact persons.

We need the following documents from you in advance:

  • A covering letter explaining your reasons
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • A one to two-page overview of the contents and structure of your planned dissertation /doctoral thesis.

Please send your documents to thesis@Remove thisagrana.com.

Frequently asked questions

What characterizes AGRANA as an employer?

With the space of a few years, AGRANA has developed from a traditional Austrian company to an internationally active corporate group. You, as a prospective employee have the chance to work in an exciting and diversified field.

What is AGRANA expecting from its applicants?

For a successful start at AGRANA you are required to show great personal commitment and motivation. As AGRANA is a typical business-to-business enterprise, it is important that employees have a clear and high market and customer orientation. AGRANA is operating in a highly international field, with customers, suppliers and employees from all over the world. Therefore it is necessary that a new employee has the ability to work in an intercultural context and shows a high degree of tolerance. Having an excellent command in English is also very important. Of course, qualities as the ability to work in teams, flexibility, openness and willingness to learn are an advantage.

What are the criteria for the selection process?

Each position requires different personality, level of experience and qualifications. All these factors play a role when decisions concerning a job opening are made. Therefore, there is no standard answer possible. However, we ensure that age, gender, looks or religious beliefs do not play any role in the selection process.

Can I send an unsolicited application?

In general all job openings at AGRANA are posted as transparency is very important for us. Even though your unsolicited applicationwill be considered for any vacancies, we highly recommend you to apply for a specific open position to show us your clear professional interest on available positions. If you are not sure whether an open job matches your profile or not we would appreciate to help you.

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