AGRANA acquires Argentinian fruit preparations producer MAIN PROCESS S.A.

Date: 01.12.2016

The fruit, starch and fruit processor AGRANA has consolidated its presence in the South American market through the acquisition of 100% of the shares in Main Process S.A., a producer of fruit preparations. Located in north-eastern Argentina, this company with a workforce of around 175 employees generated revenues of approximately EUR 19 million in its 2015 financial year.

In addition to standard fruit preparations for yoghurts and ice creams, Main Process S.A. also specialises in the production of syrups for beverages and fillings for bakery products. Latin America is a strong growth market, particularly with regard to fruit preparations used in beverages and smoothies as well as for non-fruit solutions such as chocolate toppings and caramel syrups. Besides its core business for industrial customers (dairies and bakeries), additional sales potential also exists in the quick-service Restaurant (e.g.  fast food) and food service sectors (e.g. hotels and catering).  

“The acquisition of Main Process represents another step in the direction of sustainably consolidating our leadership in the global fruit preparations market. The broad product range of Main Process in both the dairy and non-dairy segments meshes ideally with our diversified product portfolio” AGRANA CEO Johann Marihart emphasised.

Fruit preparations at AGRANA
Fruit preparations contain top quality fruit which is prepared either as a liquid or in pieces in order for these to be used mainly in dairy products but also in the ice cream and bakery industries. These products are individually designed and produced by AGRANA on the basis of close development-related collaboration with customers. AGRANA’s product development work also reflects global nutritional and health trends in the area of organic, natural products and clean labels. For example, current focus areas include food stabilisers not subject to mandatory declaration (so-called ‘E numbers’) for fruit preparations and production processes which minimise the impact of fruit commodity processing. The aim is to optimally maintain the natural properties of the fruit.

AGRANA currently operates seven production facilities for fruit preparations on the American continent, four in the USA and one in each of Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. Globally, AGRANA produces fruit preparations at a total of 24 sites.

AGRANA adds value to agricultural commodities to produce top quality foodstuffs and numerous industrial upstream products. Around 8,600 personnel working at over 50 production facilities worldwide generate consolidated revenues of around EUR 2.5 billion. The Company was founded in 1988 and is today the leading sugar company in Central and Eastern Europe as well as being a key producer, in the Starch segment, of special products in Europe and the largest manufacturer of bioethanol in Austria. AGRANA is also the global leader in fruit preparations and the largest European producer of fruit juice concentrates.

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