Further Integration within AGRANA’s Fruit Division

Date: 16.12.2005

With effect from 15 December 2005, AGRANA has acquired the remaining 37.5 per cent of the globally active fruit preparations group Atys, based in France, completing AGRANA’s takeover of the Atys Group and making it possible to fully integrate Atys into the AGRANA Group.  Atys has already been a fully consolidated member of the AGRANA Group since the second quarter of this 2005|06 financial year.
Furthermore, AGRANA has taken over the 50 per cent stake in Atys Austria previously held by Ybbstaler Fruchtsaft GmbH, whereby that takeover is subject to approval by the responsible competition regulators.
AGRANA has also increased its stake in Atys Merko in Turkey from 50 to 100 per cent.  Closure of the deal is planned for January 2006.
During the 2004 financial year, Atys Austria and Atys Merko with their workforce of 100 recorded total revenues of roughly 30 million euros.  Atys Austria’s factory in Kröllendorf, Lower Austria, specializes in the manufacture of fruit preparations for use in yogurt drinks and organic products.  It employs some 75 people.
Besides Atys, AGRANA’s Fruit Division also includes DSF (fruit preparations), Steirerobst (fruit preparations and fruit juice concentrates), Dirafrost (deep-frozen speciality fruit products) and the two fruit juice concentrates makers Vallø Saft and Wink.  The Fruit Division with its total of 37 production facilities around the world will account for nearly 40 per cent of AGRANA’s consolidated revenues during the current 2005|06 financial year.