Germany’s Bundeskartellamt approves takeover of DSF by AGRANA

Date: 08.12.2005

Germany’s Bundeskartellamt approved the purchase of DSF (Deutsch-Schweizerische Früchteverarbeitung GmbH) by AGRANA which has already been signed in July 2005.

DSF, originally a part of the ATYS Group, makes fruit preparations for the dairy, baked products, and ice cream industries. The DSF Group runs two production facilities in Constance and Nauen (both in Germany). Last financial year, the DSF and its staff of 220 people generated revenues of about € 60 million.

Beforehand, DSF must sell one of its two production facilities, namely the Nauen factory in Brandenburg, to the German group Rudolf Wild GmbH & CoKG resulting in a reduction of market share by 20 percent.

This approval by the competition regulators allows AGRANA to significantly strengthen its position in the German market – the largest national market for fruit preparations in Europe – with eighty percent of DSF’s original market share. Thus AGRANA continues to expand its global market leadership in this segment.