The health of our employees and supply availability of our products are the top priorities for AGRANA. Therefore, we are committed to supporting all action to slow down the spread of the COVID-19 virus and have defined appropriate policies at all sites for prevention. Our aim is to contribute to hindering and/or to stop the spread of COVID-19, to protect the health of our employees, and as a result, safeguard our ongoing business activities and supply to our customers as much as possible.

As a food producer, we are regarded as being a part of “critical infrastructure”. The continuation of our production activities safeguards supplying the population with our products and also the jobs of our employees. By coordinating our future action on a daily basis and taking prudent decisions, we are living up to our responsibility as a food product supplier. Your health and safety are of paramount importance to us here.

At the current point in time we are able to supply our customers despite the high level of demand. We are working diligently and responsibly to ensure the optimal deployment of our resources and to sustainably safeguard business continuity. Particular thanks is due here to our employees working at production sites: their discipline and outstanding efforts are clear evidence that AGRANA’s commitment to contributing to the well-being of everyone through our actions is being put into practice.

We wish to thank our employees and their families, our customers, farmers and suppliers for their efforts in this crisis situation we are all facing.

We are convinced to master this challenging times together.

The Executive Board of AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG