Cosmetics products

Top-notch solutions for the cosmetics industry (body care)

If you want to do without silicone, nylon and micro-plastics (nano-plastics) in your cosmetic products, then you would be well advised to use our starches for cosmetics and body care. Our starches used in cosmetic and body care products are sustainable and organically degradable.


Cosmetic applications

We offer modified and native rice, corn and tapioca starches for the cosmetics industry. For example, these are used in the following applications:

Starches occur naturally in the form of small white granules which vary in terms of shape and size depending on their origin.

Starches absorb fats/sebum, improve the texture of the skin and form an excellent basis for powders.


Product range for cosmetic applications

Boiling-resistant starches

Cook-stabile starches


Boiling-resistant Starches

Particulate starches are used in personal care applications to provide aesthetic benefits to cream and lotions delivering silky feel, reduction of greasiness, moisture and oil absorptions.

By cross-linking of starches heat tolerance of starches is granted. Such starches are cook-stabile and can be added to the aqueous phase before emulsification.

Starch granules from different botanical origin differ a lot in size and shape. Rice starches are among the smallest of vegetable powders, measuring approx. 8 μm.



You can find the leaf let for natural boiling-resistant starches here.

Native starch

Granular starch

Native starches are naturally derived and renewable polymers.

Our natural certified and organic certified starches provide a cost-efficient solution for a silky skin-feel and good oil absorption with a positive impact on the ingredient label.

As native starches are sensitive to heat treatment in aqueous suspension they have to be added to a cream after the emulsification process (cool down phase at approx. 45°C).



Maize (=Corn) based:

Tapioca based:

Barley based:

Rice based:

You can find the leaf let of our native starches here.

Lipophilic starch

effectively absorb sebum and oil

Lipophilic starches provide unique feel benefits as hydrophobic surface enhances affinity for oil, hand slip and compatibility with surface active ingredients. By ionic cross-linking with calcium or aluminum hydrophobicity of the starch surface is further increased.

Agenaflo 9050 is an aluminum-free alternative to commonly used aluminum octenyl succinate.

Lipophilic starches effectively absorb sebum and oil, reduce the greasiness of formulations and provide a velvety skin feel.



You can find the leaf let of our lipophilic starches here.

Starches as thickeners

Cook-up & instant starches

Starches are effective thickeners in presence of water especially if they are chemically modified. Such starches have to be cooked during the application over the gelatinization temperature („cook-up starches“) or they are already pre-gelatinized by AGRANA.

Cook-up starches:

Instant starches:

Special starches for aerosols

Starches for dry Shampoos & Co


Micronized starches are used as powder base for dry shampoo aerosols and dry conditioners.

Especially rice starch like our D.S.A. 7, with the smallest particle size of all starch granules, effectively binds sebum and adds volume and shine.

Oil absorption can also be enhanced by lipophilic starches like AGENAFLO 9050  and AGENAFLO OS 9051.

AGENAFLO 9050 is a unique aluminum-free alternative to commonly used aluminum starch octenylsuccinate.



Colored powders made by coating of starches with PC-grade iron-oxides:

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Maltodextrins serve as a binding agent in powder-based products. They have absorbent effects and stabilise emulsions. They are also highly valued as film-forming agents, skin and hair conditioners.



AGRANA’s environmentally-sensitive starch products have undergone various certification procedures such as EU-Bio, COSMOS, NATRUE or HALAL.