Im Segment Frucht verarbeiten wir Früchte und andere agrarische Rohstoffe zu hochqualitativen Produkten - für Kunden auf der ganzen Welt.


Im Segment Frucht verarbeiten wir Früchte und andere agrarische Rohstoffe zu hochqualitativen Produkten - für Kunden auf der ganzen Welt.

Ideen & lösungen

Mit unseren Innovationen sind wir immer am Puls der Zeit – verlassen Sie sich darauf.

Unsere Kunden haben hohe Ansprüche, denen wir mit Service, Innovation und Effizienz gerecht werden. Dabei bauen wir auf solide Werte wie Respekt vor der Natur und Verantwortung. Das macht uns zu einem bevorzugten Partner für die Nahrungsmittelindustrie und für technische Unternehmen.

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Globale Kompetenz für Fruchtzubereitungen & Fruchtsaftkonzentrate.

Frucht & Saft

Stärkespezialitäten für Lebensmittel und technische Anwendungen


Globale Kompetenz für Fruchtzubereitungen & Fruchtsaftkonzentrate.

Frucht & Saft

Vision & Values

At AGRANA, we all share one vision - to be the quality leader in terms of adding value to agricultural commodities to make outstanding fruit, starch and sugar products. We guarantee our customers both the traceability of source materials back to their origins as well as their availability and quality, e.g. GMO-free or organic. We offer our customers optimal solutions for food and industrial products.



By means of growth, efficiency and sustainable business practices, we are constantly boosting the company’s value added. AGRANA regards sustainable business practices to be consistent with commercial, ecological and social responsibility along the entire value-added chain


Service to the market &

Service to the market

We add value to agricultural commodities in order to produce high quality foodstuffs, animal feeds and organic fertilisers as well as technical and intermediary products for industrial applications. Important cornerstones here are long-term and partnershiporiented customer and supplier relationships.


We offer products and services that fully meet the needs and expectations of our customers. We aim to differentiate ourselves from competitors by means of high product quality, outstanding service level, innovative ideas as well as ecological and social responsibility which is reflected in our actions. We are creative, flexible, dedicated and always looking for new markets for our products. Our innovative power and research and development work, together with our new products launches tailored to customer requirements, drive our leadership in the marketplace.



Our organisation is based on earnings-oriented operational subsidiaries in the Sugar, Starch and Fruit segments. These are overseen by a holding Company which undertakes the centralised management of the entire Group and provides support by means of an effective communications network aimed at ensuring a regular exchange of information and the tapping of synergies.



Profit constitutes the basis for the economic sustainability of our enterprise’s activities. We ensure AGRA NA’s sustainable increase in enterprise value and the ability to distribute dividends to shareholders through continued growth and consistent improvement in productivity, as well as through “profitizing” – the constant striving to increase profits and optimise our business processes and structures in all our operating companies. We seek to diversify risks to our business to achieve a well-balanced global business portfolio. Optimising our value added is a cornerstone in our efforts to provide continual increases in the enterprise value of AGRANA

Management &

Management & staff

We are a multinational Group of companies. We are united by integrity, dedication and social awareness. We promote the exchange of information, communication, training and continuous staff development. We encourage our workforce to think and act responsibly and entrepreneurially. Each member of staff accepts responsibility for his or her own continuing development. Management ensures that all employees have the opportunities and support necessary for this purpose. Our staff development activities form an integral part of our strategic objectives. Every employee has an important part to play in our company that requires full commitment and that challenges his or her abilities and expertise anew every day. Our style of work and leadership is founded on cooperation and trust. Flexibility and teamwork are fundamental to our organizational structures and interpersonal relationships. Management is paid on the basis of performance.

The Environment

The environment

Our actions and decisions are taken with respect for nature and the environment. Our products are sourced from natural origins, developed and produced on the basis of the latest ecologically sensitive processes, which are low-emission and efficient, and are also biodegradable and environmentally friendly. AGRANA aims to rely on a closed economic cycle which ensures that the agricultural commodities used are recycled to an extent of nearly 100%. The health and safety of the workforce are a key priority of our operational policies and procedures.

Product Safety

Product safety

Our strict, certified manufacturing standards guarantee the safety of our products for our customers. We focus on continually improving the quality and hygiene standards of the foodstuffs and animal feeds we make. As a commitment to our customers, we strive for full traceability of our products back to their natural sources.

Public Relations &

Public relations & transparency

We aim to appropriately take into account the interests of the society, in general, and our shareholders, in particular, our workforce, the media, our partners in the marketplace and the general public informed about our goals, activities and results. We strive to maintain our high level of transparency regarding all important innovations and developments