Our social responsibility

We at AGRANA are aware of our social responsibility: Particularly vis-a-vis our employees, but also as a corporate citizen in all the countries in which we operate.


Long-term human resources strategy

Successful employees = successful company: At AGRANA, we offer our employees an interesting workplace in an international environment, opportunities for training and personal development as well as a working environment in which people feel integrated, respected and a part of. This allows them to contribute their diverse skills, experience and perspectives to the sustainable success of the company.

Our AGRANA Code of Conduct summarises the fundamental rules of how we work together: both in terms of internal cooperation and our behaviour vis-a-vis external stakeholders. This Code of Conduct is complied with at all of our sites around the world. And we expect the same of our suppliers and business partners. As the keys to cooperation.

social responsibility

How we live up to our social responsibility at AGRANA

At AGRANA, we are well aware of our social responsibility along the entire value-added chain. This starts with us sourcing our agricultural commodities in a socially responsible manner. We produce top-quality food, animal feed and upstream products for various processing industries, and we do this resource and energy-efficiently. And, we always act as a socially-responsible employer – worldwide.

But that is not all. At AGRANA, we also demonstrate a global commitment to cultural and social issues beyond the scope of our business operations.


AGRANA supports Lernhaus Tulln

„Knowledge is fun“– this is the motto of the so-called “Lernhäuser“ of the Austrian Red Cross and Kurier Aid Austria (KAA). The Lernhäuser fill a gap in the provision of childcare and target especially children from educationally alienated backgrounds who cannot afford private tutoring. The children receive individual assistance, for example in doing their homework and preparing for schoolwork. With the support of the Lernhaus, AGRANA is making a valuable contribution to offering young people free learning assistance and thus giving them a better start in life.

AGRANA supports the social project Concordia Romania

CONCORDIA România works with children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, including orphans and children left behind by their parents. Through the management of residential groups, CONCORDIA România offers children a home where they can grow up protected and enables them to have a good and happy childhood. With the support of CONCORDIA, AGRANA is supporting an internationally active and independent aid organization that works for children, young people and families that need help.

Culture & the Arts

AGRANA - Adding Value to Culture & the Arts

AGRANA is a globally oriented company with over 55 production sites worldwide. At the same time, the company is proud of its cultural roots in Austria. This combination of an international outlook and Austrian identity is the reason for AGRANA supporting the arts and culture in Austria. This way of thinking is also reflected in the selection of the cultural projects to receive support. In all of its cultural promotion projects, AGRANA attaches considerable importance to harmoniously aligning the significance of Austria's cultural heritage, as the core of its corporate identity, with the requirements imposed by the age of globalisation.

AGRANA is the main sponsor of Theater an der Wien

On one hand side Theater an der Wien, a prominent Vienna opera house with an excellent reputation. On the other side AGRANA, one of Austria's top industrial companies. Still: Theater an der Wien and AGRANA have much in common. To both the combination of tradition and modernity is of central importance - with top quality standards.

AGRANA supports Theater an der Wien in order to enable cultural events which are highly regarded and appreciated by all of the world's cultures and which establish a successful bridge between European tradition and international modernity. Exactly these thoughts can be found in the corporate vision of AGRANA: As a modern Austrian industrial corporation it aims at aligning the principles of the European way of life and tolerance with commercial success even in a globalised world.

AGRANA supports the music festival in Grafenegg

As an important employer in Lower Austria, AGRANA is particularly committed to contributing to this region by means of supporting this musical festival. Through its sponsorship of this event, AGRANA has been able to help in making Grafenegg one of Lower Austria’s most important cultural centres and one with a truly international format.

Research & Development

Research & Development

Investment in science and research is a key issue for AGRANA.

For a number of years, AGRANA has been working together closely with the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU) and has also set up a foundation which supports the awarding of grants to ongoing scientific projects and promotes selected fields of study at the university. The aim here is to promote the subjects of agrarian economics, agrarian policy and food sciences at the university.

Since 2008, AGRANA has also supported the Association for the Promotion of Journalism in Lower Austria (Verein zur Förderung des Journalismus in Niederösterreich) and, in doing so, makes a contribution to the future professional development of up-and-coming economic journalists in Lower Austria. Furthermore, AGRANA provides grants for various projects in the area of scientific research.