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In the sustainability realm, for AGRANA as an energy-intensive industrial company, the ecological aspect of its business operations has been a focus for many years. In the 2015|16 financial year the Group's contributions to the economy in terms of value-added and employment were studied more closely for the first time.

Based on the business data for 2014|15, when AGRANA's Sugar, Starch and Fruit segments generated revenue of about € 2.5 billion in 25 countries with approximately 8,700 employees worldwide, the Economica Institute of Economic Research calculated the gross value-added impacts and employment effects emanating from AGRANA's activities.

AT A Glance


Internationally, AGRANA safeguards around 40,000 jobs. 8,726 of which are in Austria.


Internationally, nearly € 1.5 billion Around a third of this (€ 580.8 million) is generated in Austria.


58% of the total gross value added is generated in the Fruit segment.


As a result of its investment activity, the AGRANA Group globally generates a further € 172 million of total gross value added and secures 4,622 jobs.

Gross Value Added

Gross Value Added


The AGRANA Group is a global player of international relevance. Gross value added of € 510.6 million was generated in the 2014|15 financial year as a direct result of the Group’s business operations.

The total gross value added of the AGRANA Group, comprising the direct, indirect and induced effects, amounts to nearly € 1.5 billion.

This is equivalent to around 0.5 % of Austria’s GDP. Totalling € 860.2 million, the largest single contribution (58%) is made by the Fruit segment, followed by the segments Starch, with € 333.1 million (22%), and Sugar, with € 292.0 million (20%).

The largest economic ‘lever’, expressed as the multiplier, is also found in the Fruit segment: a multiplier of 3.03.

AGRANA In Austria

AGRANA plays a particularly significant role in Austria. A country-level analysis reveals that AGRANA directly and indirectly generates value added of € 580.8 million throughout Austria.

More than a third of total value added is therefore generated in Austria. Every 500th euro generated in Austria is attributable to AGRANA . The largest effects are achieved here by the segments Starch (€ 278.7 million), followed by Fruit (€ 165.4 million) and Sugar (€ 136.7 million). Also notable are the multipliers in the Sugar (2.34) and Starch (2.28) segments. Every euro generated in these segments triggers more than one additional euro of value added in other sectors of the economy.




Besides the effects attributable to business operations, the investment activities of the AGRANA Group also generate additional gross value added.

Globally, the total investment volume of nearly € 90 million in the 2014|15 financial year triggered a total gross value added effect of more than € 171.5 million. The employment effect generated as a result amounts to a total of 4,622 jobs. Viewed by segment, the € 43 million invested in the Fruit segment accounted for the largest total economic contribution, namely € 84.3 million. In the Sugar segment, investments totalling € 34.5 million triggered a total economic value added effect of € 61.9 million. The € 13.7 million invested in the Starch segment resulted in € 25.4 million of value added. Expressed in jobs, this is equivalent to 2,968 jobs in the Fruit, 1,411 jobs in the Sugar and 243 jobs in the Starch segments, respectively.



Gross Employment Effects

Gross Employment Effects



AGRANA directly accounted for 8,708 jobs in the 2014|15 financial year. Given its links to upstream activities and due to income-related effects, AGRANA safeguards around 31,000 further jobs.

More than half of the total effect of the total of 39,678 jobs, namely 21,827 jobs, are attributable to the Fruit segment, followed by the Sugar segment, with 12,834 jobs, and the Starch segment, with 5,017 jobs, respectively. Due to the many labour-intensive upstream activities, for example in the agricultural sector, the employment multipliers of the AGRANA Group are exceptionally high, falling within a range of 3.95 in the Fruit segment to 5.81 in the Starch segment. This means that every job at AGRANA creates up to a further five jobs worldwide.


AGRANA in Austria

In Austria alone, the 2,138 direct jobs at AGRANA account for a total effect of 8,726 jobs. As a result, every 470th job in Austria is directly or indirectly dependent on AGRANA.



Gross value added (GVA)

As an index number for the macroeconomic total calculation, this is defined as the total value of the goods and services generated in the production process (gross production value) less the value of the goods and services consumed, processed or transformed in the production process (advance services). Otherwise expressed, the gross value added represents the amount that is available to remunerate the production factors of labour (wages and salaries) and capital (profit, interest on borrowed capital and deductions).

Direct effects

Include the value of gross value added or employment that is generated directly in the enterprise in question or which creates jobs.

Indirect effects

Come into existence through the advance services drawn upon by the enterprise in question in other sectors (e.g. the manufacture of machinery, fertilisers, etc. for agricultural products).

Induced effects

The jobs created and/or secured by the direct or indirect effect generate income that is then spent again by the employees (above all for consumption purposes). This stimulates end-consumer demand in the relevant sectors (especially in the retail sector).


represent the extent to which the total effects exceed the original direct effect. A multiplier is calculated as the sum of the total value added divided by the direct economic value added generated by AGRANA.