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AGRANA's broad Product Range for Feed

AGRANA sells over 800,000 tons of animal feed every year based on the co-products of sugar and starch production, in what constitutes a sustainable recycling economy, and is therefore Austria‘s largest producer of straight feeds.

It supplies the domestic and European animal feed industry and, via dealers, also farmers with top quality straight animal feedstuffs.

As animal feed producers, AGRANA‘s Austrian sugar and starch facilities, as well as the production of bioethanol, are all subject to the relevant animal feed hygiene regulations(Futtermittel-Hygieneverordnung). AGRANA is responsible for ensuring feed safety.  

AGRANA's animal feed is ideal for GMO-free feeding programmes

AGRANA‘s range of animal feeds extends from molasses, dried sugar beet pulp and pressed sugar beet pulp, derived as by-products from sugar production, to potato protein, corn gluten, corn gluten feed, wheat brans, wheat gluten and starch syrups from the production of starches; with all products free of GMOs and many available in organic varieties.


The latest product to be added to AGRANA's animal feed portfolio is Actibeet, a natural betaine molasses that is highly soluble in water and originates from Austrian sugar beet molasses via molasses desugarisation. ActiBeet is a premium quality product, available as liquid betaine molasses.


In addition, AGRANA also markets the top quality, protein-rich animal feed ActiProt®, a by-product of bio-ethanol production, which substitutes imports of protein-rich animal feeds, particularly soya meal, the GMO-free status of which can no longer be guaranteed.

AGRANA offers a full range of trading services. Product range includes: Soyabean meal, Sunflower oil, Rapeseed meal and Barley.


AGRANA offers a range of fertilizers that includes Carbokalk, Molasses, Concentrated Potato Liquor  and the organic, purely vegetable fertilizer BioAgenasol®. BioAgenasol® consists of solid and liquid non-GMO components, which together generate a good balance between N-release and N-uptake.

BioAgenasol’s portfolio has expanded with BioAgenasol profigreen – the first grade ground granulate and an ideal compound fertilizer for lawns with little or no irrigation; and for areas where dry spots occur regularly.




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