Research and Development

Research and development at AGRANA deliver exciting product innovations as well as the ongoing development and continuous optimisation of technologies. Our research and development activities are concentrated at the AGRANA Research & Innovation Center (ARIC), located in Tulln|Austria.

AGRANA Research & Innovation Center

New short film about the activities in the AGRANA Research & Innovation Center

The short film shows the diverse investigation areas of the AGRANA Research & Innovation Center and demonstrates the intensive collaboration between the employees in the individual departments, which means that synergies result in constantly innovative ideas in ongoing research activities.


We launch around 850 new fruit preparations around the world every year – each carefully tailored to the needs of our customers.

Particularly in the case of fruit yoghurts, characterised by short product life cycles, it is essential to react swiftly to changes in consumer behaviour. At AGRANA, we identify development potential and establish new trends. This is the role of our regional product developers and our international research and development team.


We closely monitor the starch market. And we listen carefully to our customers.

The outcome: successful new products and technologies in our Starch segment. In detail: We develop special starches for our customers – tailored to customer needs and tested in practice.  Vegan and Clean Label are current trends in the food industry which we are addressing with our new product developments.


We aim to continuously improve in terms of our sugar production: The main focus here is on the development of new, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving processes to further reduce the use of energy and excipients.

The sugar quota, which regulated the production and import of sugar following the introduction of the EU Sugar Market Regime in 2006, expired in September 2017. This has led to new challenges and objectives for us: Increasing the yield of sugar processing even further and minimising the decline in sugar content associated with storing sugar beet for longer periods.

Our Strengths

The intensive linking of sugar, starch and fruit creates synergies.
We know exactly how to use them for you.

Customer-specific product development

Cutting-edge technologies

Industry expertise

Global innovations

Decades of experience

Collaborations with Research Institutes

Worldwide competence

Solution-oriented Teams