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At AGRANA, you’ll have the opportunity to apply your expertise and to play a role in shaping the development of an international group of companies. At our sites located all around the globe, we offer numerous attractive career opportunities as well as comprehensive training and development programs. Invest in your future and plan your next career move.



Are you looking for a new challenge? We have plenty of them, every day. We value people who want to initiate change.

professional experience

Are you currently at school or studying but want to get valuable practical experience? AGRANA can offer you many opportunities.

Pupils and students

If you are looking for an opportunity to effectively put the knowledge from your education or degree into practice in an exciting position, then check out our many opportunities for career starters.


Do you enjoy both theory and practice? Are you looking for a traineeship with perspectives? We are looking for trainees and are committed to developing the specialists of tomorrow.


What we offer

Areas of work

Corporate Communications


The image that AGRANA projects is extremely important to us. We are the “face” of our company, whether at events or in the digital world. Our public relations work ensures that we make a coordinated impression on all stakeholders, such as employees, customers, suppliers, the media, analysts and investors.



Are you interested in the world of figures and finances? If so, numerous varied tasks await you in many departments.




Accounting is where all the business transactions of a particular company are recorded, taking into account both local accounting standards and IFRS. A monthly closing, including a balance sheet and an income statement, are prepared as the basis for further management-level reporting.

In our department, we prepare the monthly financial statements in accordance with IFRS on the basis of the individual reports prepared by our subsidiaries. We prepare the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement for the AGRANA Group as if all AGRANA subsidiaries were a single company.

In Controlling, we analyse and explain the results and plan how we can improve these

mergers & acquisitions


Internal Audit

The M&A department evaluates strategic growth opportunities (e.g. acquisitions or joint ventures) and subsequently integrates these into the AGRANA Group.

As part of our treasury team, you will safeguard our company’s assets. You will be involved in the continuous optimisation of the Group’s financing arrangements and attempt to comprehensively identify financial risks at an early stage and to avoid these by means of suitable risk mitigation steps.

In the Internal Audit department, we see ourselves not only as independent and objective supervisory body but also help evaluate and improve business processes, highlight risks and, as a result, add value for the company.

Human Resources

Human Resources

Our Human Resources department deals with all issues related to our personnel. New applicants, professional development and both contract and remuneration management are just a few of our varied tasks.

IT & Process Management:

IT & Process Management

The wide-ranging business processes at AGRANA are dependent on information systems which we implement. We programme centralised, group-wide IT solutions, roll out new processes and systems at our subsidiaries, and operate a worldwide IT network with several thousand clients.

Legal Affairs & Compliance:

Legal Affairs & Compliance

Can you offer legal expertise in combination with the skills needed to clarify complex situations? If so, you’ll fit perfectly into our legal departments.

Legal Affairs


In the Legal Affairs department, we advise our subsidiaries and equity investments on legal matters in an international context as a means of safeguarding our long-term commercial success.

Our Compliance Office is responsible for the expansion, the further development and the improvement of compliance management systems, and also creates a general awareness of legal regulations and our corporate culture (link to the compliance page on the website).

Logistics & Supply Chain

Logistics & Supply Chain

Many sites, many products and many processes. Our work covers the development and continuous improvement of logistic processes along the value added chain, from the procurement of raw materials to the shipment of our products to customers all over the world.

Production & Technology

Production & Technology

AGRANA has always been inseparably associated with processing and adding value to agricultural products. As one of the group’s core business areas, we are committed to these ideals and provide top-quality products by relying on the use of modern technologies.



Our tasks are to procure the materials and services required based on competitive terms and conditions. To this end, we develop purchasing strategies which take all commercially-relevant factors into account and implement these strategies.

Quality Management

Quality Management

As the Quality Management department at head office, we ensure customer satisfaction and meet high quality standards by means of close collaboration with all our divisions.

Raw Material

Raw Material

In the area of raw materials, we focus on the procurement of our top-quality agricultural commodities as well as the analysis of commodity and market-relevant data.

Research &
New Product Development

Research & New Product Development

Continuous further development is essential for any prosperous company. As part of our team, you will be working on dynamic projects in which new discoveries in sugar, starch and fruit technologies are made and innovative products developed.

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

AGRANA’s interface to customers and consumers: Our recipe for success lies in combining top-quality products with customer-oriented advice. A clear focus on results and data analysis form the basis of our day-to-day decisions.

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