Our Quality Mission Statement

Ultimate aim of the AGRANA Quality Mission is to assure that our products meet the needs of our customers and that our foodstuffs and feedstuffs are safe for consumption. This goal requires the implementation of quality management systems based on the following principles and Elements.

Management & Staff

Commitment of Top Management

AGRANA’s top management commits to the principles defined in this quality mission statement. Top Management provides necessary human and financial resources to implement these quality principles in the company and to assure the effectiveness of the quality management system. Top management promotes awareness of the business processes and their interactions as well as the concept of risk-based thinking. AGRANA aims to act economically, environmentally and socially sustainable along the entire value chain.

Internal Acceptance of the System

Every employee of the AGRANA Group must understand and actively support AGRANA´s Quality Management System to ensure and enhance the quality of our products and services for the benefit of our customers. We are aware of our responsibility and of the part we play in ensuring consistently high product quality. We are all responsible for controlling and improving the quality of processes.


Expertise & Improvement

Knowledge and Expertise

To perform our processes we aim to maintain, document  and convey the required knowledge accordingly and we strive to acquire required additional knowledge. We ensure the expertise of our employees on the basis of education and training



Continuous improvement

Decisions are based on analysis and evaluation of data and information.

A structured and systematic approach is applied to secure the basis for continuous improvement. Tools we use are:

  • results of internal and external audits
  • complaint management
  • feedback of our personnel
  • review of our HACCP system
  • review of our energy management system
  • setting of KPIs and EnPI`s
  • management reviews


Customer Orientation & Stakeholder

Customer Orientation

Our products and processes are designed to fulfill the customers´ requirements and to thus ensure their satisfaction. Our performance is measured on a regular basis by performing customer satisfaction surveys. We guarantee a fast, solid, and systematic service and complaint management.


Our focus is to understand relevant requirements and needs of our stakeholders such as customers, owners/shareholders, employees, suppliers, partners and society at changing environmental conditions.


Product Safety & Risk- and Crisis Management

Product Safety

We have to be reliable in the risk assessment of known and potential dangers in all our products, processes and services along the entire value chain and we have to take relevant measures to prevent and avoid. For this we use spezific HACCP-concepts, which in particular, emphasize early error detection and error prevention and therefore make the continuous improvement of product development, procurement, manufacturing and logistics processes possible.

Risk- and Crisis Management

We identify, evaluate and treat risks and opportunities of our organization in the context of our risk management. A crisis management plan exists to ensure fast and accurate reaction to situations that may have severe impact on our stakeholders. This plan is designed to protect both our own brand name as well as the brands of our customers.


Quality Standards & Energy Management

Quality Management Standards

Our products are manufactured taking into account all applicable legal standards, including food-, feed-, and drug regulations and the relevant statutory instruments. Our quality management system is based on ISO 9001 supplemented by requirements of relevant product-quality and product-safety standards.

Energy Management

As an energy intensive refiner of agricultural raw materials, we strive, as part of an ongoing process, to optimize our energy consumption and energy efficiency. To achieve these objectives, we integrate an energy management system into our existing quality management system based on the ISO 50001 standard or energy information systems adapted to national requirements. We ensure that the necessary financial and structural requirements be allocated and that relevant legal requirements and other obligations be appropriately fulfilled. Additionally, we strive to acquire energy efficient products and services capable of improving our energy related performance.