Compliance at AGRANA

For AGRANA, compliance with legislation and rules is a foundation of sustainable business operations. Our group-wide compliance management system and Compliance Office are overseen by the Director Corporate Compliance, who reports directly to the competent member of the Management Board and centrally coordinates all compliance-related tasks. The most important tasks in this area include preparing and holding training sessions on internal guidelines, providing support in connection with compliance-related issues, documenting incidents and making recommendations.

The CFOs of the business segments and subsidiaries act as compliance officers in order to be able to deal with group-level requests faster and more efficiently. In addition to the Compliance Office, there is also our Compliance Board, which regularly provides advice on fundamental issues concerning compliance. 

AGRANA Whistleblowing System

AGRANA promotes a positive and open corporate culture. Compliance and ethics have a high priority in our Group. Illegal or unethical behaviour is not tolerated.

In addition to the internal standard reporting channel, which consists of the employee's line manager, another manager whom the employee trusts or the on-site HR department, the local compliance manager as well as the works council, AGRANA also offers an electronic whistleblowing system. It is intended to help identify irregularities and to avert abnormal developments through preventive measures. It is available to all employees, customers, business partners and other individuals who are looking for advice or who wish to point out shortcomings, either in person or anonymously.


General Information

If you are aware of irregularities, or are seeking advice on a particular situation, you can submit a report. Please describe your report in as much detail and as clearly as possible so that we can put an end to potential misconduct. You can attach possible evidence to your report. You can also set up a mailbox to communicate with us.

Retaliation against a whistleblower is prohibited and the confidentiality of the report is guaranteed.

However, knowingly submitting false information or reporting tips that contain unfounded accusations or allegations is prohibited.

Who processes the reports?

Specially trained employees of the AGRANA Compliance Organisation and Internal Audit process the reports with the utmost care and according to the 4-eyes principle.

In the European Union, it is also possible to submit a report to the local competent authority. 

List of authorities

The core areas of the AGRANA compliance management system

Code of Conduct


The AGRANA Code of Conduct is based on the fundamental values of AGRANA. Compliance constitutes the foundation for all business activities and decisions and is part of the company strategy.

It provides a clear understanding of the of the conduct we expect from all our internal stakeholders, such as our employees and managers, and our external stakeholders and business partners. In conjunction with the AGRANA Mission Statement, the Code of Conduct applies to the entire AGRANA group of companies and defines clear standards relating to integrity, business conduct and ethical principles.


Anti-trust compliance


The group’s anti-trust compliance policy, which is valid worldwide, is intended to ensure that all employees and executive bodies are aware of and comply with the fundamental rules concerning competition and anti-trust legislation, and are also able to identify issues relevant in an anti-trust context. The aim of this policy is to safeguard employees from anti-trust infringements and to provide practical support when applying the relevant regulations. The policy relating to the exchange of information with and within joint ventures has also be developed, in addition to the applicable anti-trust compliance rules, and specifies which information may be exchanged with joint venture partners.



Anti-corruption legislation exists worldwide and is always complied with, regardless of where.

In addition to the Code of Conduct, there also exists a separate anti-corruption policy due to the specific nature of Austria’s anti-corruption legislation. This policy contains binding regulations which ensure legally-conform behaviour. Furthermore, AGRANA also has a tax policy applicable in Austria which regulates issues such as sponsoring, donations and fringe benefits.



Conflicts of interest


In the course of business, it is possible that employees or executive bodies are faced with situations in which their personal or financial interests are, or could become, at odds with the interests of the AGRANA group. A reporting and documentation system has been established which is applicable to all AGRANA employees and executive bodies.

Capital market compliance


As a listed company, AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG is subject to stock exchange and capital market regulations, in particular the provisions of the EU regulation on market abuse (596/2014) and the Austrian Stock Exchange Act.

AGRANA has implemented its capital market compliance policy on the basis of these regulations. This policy sets out the principles relating to disclosing information and defines the organisational steps, the safeguarding of confidentiality, the prevention of abuse and the passing on of insider information.


data protection


AGRANA takes the issues of data protection, confidentiality and dealings with personal data extremely seriously and therefore complies with the applicable national laws and data protection regulations, as well as the EU GDPR, by means of internal requirements and rules concerning the management of personal data.


Compliance Certificates ISO37001 and ISO37301