In our most recently added segment, Fruit, we have specialised in fruit preparations and fruit juice concentrates. Here, we have been relying on the very latest technologies in production processes since 2003.  Healthy nutrition remains a key trend, something which is evident in the dynamic growth seen in this segment.

Our fruit production facilities

Our fruit production facilities

From a global perspective, we currently produce fruit preparations at 28 and fruit juice concentrates at 14 sites located in a total of 22 countries. Freshness and quality are key. We source the best fruit from all around the world and process these close to our customers. We are globally successful due to the fact that we continuously open up new markets and are always looking for new trends. 


AGRANA Fruit Austria GmbH – Plant Gleisdorf

The plant in Gleisdorf supplies the dairy and ice cream industry with preparations and fruit preparations. The product portfolio includes fruit preparations with and without pieces, organic and Fairtrade preparations, UHT and pH-neutral preparations and preparations with chocolate (chocolate splits & chocolate crispies).

Our local product developers in Gleisdorf are available with country-specific knowledge and constantly working on new ideas to develop successfully the products for our customers. The middle/long-term research and development activities in the fruit segment are concentrated in the Innovation and Competence Center in Austria. In 2005 this cutting-edge innovation and competence center for product and process development, process optimization as well as product and process quality assurance was established at the Gleisdorf site for the entire

AUSTRIA JUICE GmbH - Plant Kröllendorf

AUSTRIA JUICE today is a joint venture composed of the former AGRANA Juice Holding GmbH and Ybbstaler Fruit Austria GmbH (a subsidiary of RWA Raiffeisen Ware Austria AG) and was established on 1 June 2012.

The joint venture is based in Kröllendorf, Lower Austria, and has 14 plants in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Ukraine and China. In addition to fruit juice concentrate, it also produces beverage compounds, fruit wines and flavors as well as direct juices for the drinks processing industry.

At present AUSTRIA JUICE employs approximately 800 highly qualified staff, who have committed themselves to producing systemic beverage solutions – from the design concept to delivering the finished product.



In Europe, AGRANA currently has a total of 22 fruit processing plants located in 13 different countries. At nine of these sites, AGRANA Fruit GmbH produces top quality fruit preparations; at the other 13 sites, Austria Juice converts premium fruit into fresh fruit juice and fruit juice concentrates.

EU-28 (17 Fruit Production sites)

  • Austria
  • Czech Republic
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • Rumania
  • Slovakia

Europe Non-EU (5 fruit Production sites)

  • Bosnia- Herzegowina
  • Russia
  • Serbia
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine


North America

AGRANA currently has five fruit processing sites in North America. At four plants in the USA and one in Mexico, a total of over 1,300 employees ensure that the quality of our fruit preparations is consistently high.

South America

Nearly 350 employees in South America transform premium fruit into top quality fruit preparations at our three production sites on the continent, two in Argentina and one in Brazil.   We consolidated our position in the South American market in 2016 through the acquisition of Main Process S.A., a producer of fruit preparations.




We currently operate four fruit processing plants in Africa: two in Morocco and one in both South Africa and Egypt. AGRANA NILE FRUITS, in Egypt, is a joint venture between AGRANA FRUIT and NILE FRUITS. Our site in Egypt means that we can also supply our customers in North Africa and the Middle East with top quality fruit preparations.


We currently have four fruit processing facilities on the Asian continent: China (2), India (1) and SouthKorea (1).


Both AGRANA Fruit and Austria Juice maintain sites in China.


Our fruit processing plant in western India is located south of the key city of Pune. This provides us with direct access to the best fruit, such as mangos, strawberries, pomegranates and guava. It is also not far from our customers: many companies have settled in this region. Our laboratory for research and development work and an administration office of AGRANA Fruit India are also located in Pune.

South Korea

AGRANA Fruit has also maintained a presence in South Korea since 1990, with a processing plant in the province of Chung-buk and an office in the capital, Seoul.

Australia and Oceania

More than 100 employees work at our site in Australia.

AGRANA Fruit Australia has had a plant in Australia since 1989. The raw materials are sourced globally and the frozen fruits are processed locally.
A total of over 100 employees ensure that the quality of our fruit preparations is consistently high.

AGRANA Fruit and Austria Juice

AGRANA Fruit and Austria Juice

AGRANA's Fruit segment is organizationally divided into two divisions: the fruit preparations business in form of AGRANA Fruit and the fruit juice concentrates business in form of AUSTRIA JUICE.

Our fruit product range

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