Application FAQ

Ap­pli­ca­tion FAQ

Here, we answer frequently asked questions regarding your
job application at AGRANA.

More information to our recruiting systems you can find here in the form of an user assistance manual. In case you have any further questions which are not answered below, you are welcome to contact us via email at recruiting.technicalsupport@ Remove this  

Please be aware, that we do not accept applications via this e-mail address. Applications for our Austrian plants have to be done through our Online System. For all other locations, we ask you to contact directly our local colleagues.

General FAQs

What characterizes AGRANA as an employer?

With the space of a few years, AGRANA has developed from a traditional Austrian company to an internationally active corporate group. You, as a prospective employee have the chance to work in an exciting and diversified field.

What is AGRANA expecting from its applicants, for ne was well as experienced future employees?

For a successful start at AGRANA you are required to show great personal commitment and motivation. As AGRANA is a typical business-to-business enterprise, it is important that employees have a clear and high market and customer orientation. AGRANA is operating in a highly international field, with customers, suppliers and employees from all over the world. Therefore it is necessary that a new employee has the ability to work in an intercultural context and shows a high degree of tolerance. Having an excellent command in English is also very important. Of course, qualities as the ability to work in teams, flexibility, openness and willingness to learn are an advantage.

Are the vacancies posted on the AGRANA website up to date?

Our Recruiting Team is updating vacancies on our websitedaily. Applications are welcome as long as the open job is listed on our website.

Can I send an unsolicited application?

In general all job openings at AGRANA are posted as transparency is very important for us. Even though your unsolicited application will be considered for any vacancies, we highly recommend you to apply for a specific open position to show us your clear professional interest on available positions. If you are not sure whether an open job matches your profile or not we would appreciate to help you.

Does AGRANA accept short/ mass applications or application websites?

We cannot keep track of short/ mass applications or application websites. Therefore, we would ask you to send us only complete applications which are customized for a specific job opening offered by us. 

Are there any application deadlines for posted vacancies?

We always take time to fill the vacancy with the candidate meeting the job requirements best. For that matter, we do not set any fix application deadlines. The only exceptions are the areas for apprentices, trainees or internships.

What are the criteria for the selection process?

Each position requires different personality, level of experience and qualifications. All these factors play a role when decisions concerning a job opening are made. Therefore, there is no standard answer possible. However, we ensure that age, gender, looks or religious beliefs do not play any role in the selection process.

May I apply for more than one open job?

We are open for parallel applications. However, we recommend you to focus on one open position you prefer. Applications for positions that differ extremely might make it difficult to get a clear picture of you interests and your competencies.

How long does it take to receive feedback to my application?

Immediately after sending your application you will receive an automatic reply from our system. It is possible that it takes another 2 to 3 weeks until Human Resources and any other relevant department have reviewed your application. As soon as this process is completed we will contact you and inform you about the status of your application.

Can I apply again after having received a negative feedback to my application?

A negative reply to an application only refers to the specific job application but NOT the person. If you have found another open job within our company which could fit your profile, we would appreciate it if you send us your complete application again.

Will my expenses to come to the interview be reimbursed?

AGRANA only reimburses you your expenses in case of a written agreement made prior booking the trip. If this is not the case, the applicant bears all the travelling costs.

Where can I get additional information of a specific vacancy?

For more information concerning job vacancies you can contact the responsible recruiter who knows more about the job and can help you with more details.

Why does AGRANA prefer online applications?

Online applications are far more cost efficient for you: you do not need any paper-form application and you save the money for the postage. Furthermore you can get information about your application at any time. Additionally this tool allows us to process your application much faster and efficiently. Finally, you have the possibility to update your documents at any time and apply for another vacancy at a later time.

Are my documents/ personal data treated confidentially?

Of course we will treat all your information confidentially and will not forward it to third parties. An exception is the forwarding of an application within the AGRANA Group as well as HR Consultants who were assigned to a specific vacancy by us. Certainly HR Consultants are also bound to the confidentiality agreement

Technical FAQs

Which browser (versions) are supported?

  • Internet Explorer > 7 (IE 10 only in compatibility mode9
  • Mozilla Firefox > 10.0

To find out which browser version is installed on your computer, click on help and then on “About Internet Explorer” or “About Mozilla Firefox”.

Some links and drop-down menus do not work. What can I do?

Open the Internet Explorer and click on Extras/ Internet options. Chose Privacy and click on the button “Standard”. If you use Mozilla Firefox you have to activate „JavaScript“ and „Java“ which you can find under Extras/Settings/Content.

What can I do when there is a rendering or compatibility error?

The newest version of Internet Explorer could lead to a rendering-failure with the error message „Activate compatibility mode…”. Click on the symbol compatibility view  next to the address bar. Close all open browser windows and open again the AGRANA Career website. Now you should be able to continue your applications without problems.

What shall I do in case of the error message „Error 500“?

Check your browser version (as indicated above). If you already use one of the supported browsers (Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox), please try to apply to a later point in time. We are making an effort to solve the problem as soon as possible.

When logging in, the following error message occurs: „No converting to HTTPS was carried out, sending the password is not secure”. What can I do?

Activate the cookies. When using the Internet Explorer, click on Extras/ Internet options and click on the button „Standard“. If you are using Mozilla Firefox activate the cookies under Extras/Setting/Privacy.

What can I do if the error message „The page cannot be displayed“ occurs?

Check the following:
In the Internet Explorer “Use SSL 3.0” has to be activated. You can check if it is activated under Tools/Internet options/Advanced.
In Mozilla Firefox also „SSL 3.0“ has to be activated which can be found under Extras/Settings/Advanced.

Why does the connection get separated if I did not save within 20 minutes?

This approach serves as a protection of your personal data. It should prevent your data for being used by unauthorized people. This protection is especially important if you apply not from your computer at home or at school/university but from Internet Cafes etc. To not getting disconnected you have to save your data regularly. After completing a menu item (e.g. Personal Data) the system will save your input automatically if you continue with the next menu item (e.g. Education etc.).

Why is it not possible to add/ upload attachments?

The system supports the most common file formats as Word, JPG, Gif, Bitmap and PDF. If your documents have a different file format it could happen that an error message occurs. In that case we ask you to change the format into one mentioned above and try to add or upload your documents again.

General hints:

  • Do not use the button Previous or Refresh of your browser
  • Close all open browser windows before logging in to the application
  • Popup-blocker has to be deactivated. Procedure:
    In the Internet Explorer deactivate the checkbox „Block Popups“ under Extras/ Internet options/ Privacy
    In Mozilla Firefox deactivate the checkbox “Block Popups” under Extras/Setting/Content