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Changes in the AGRANA shareholder structure. Medium term increase of the actual free float is targeted.

AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG (AGRANA), Vienna, was informed today by its main shareholder Z&S Zucker und Stärke Holding AG (Z&S), Vienna, that the British financial services company Prudential plc (M&G Investments), London, Great Britain, and several of its subsidiaries have…


AGRANA intends to acquire Urziceni and Liesti sugar refinery plants from Lemarco S.A.

AGRANA Zucker GmbH has reached agreement with the Romanian sugar producer Lemarco S.A. to acquire the latter's plants in Urziceni and Liesti.

AGRANA Results for the first three quarters of 2013|14 - Guidance for full year reaffirmed

In the first three quarters of the 2013|14 financial year, AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG registered a slight increase in Group revenue from the prior-year comparative period (up 1.2% to € 2,416.9 million).

AGRANA results for first half 2013/14 (ended 31 August 2013)

In the first half of 2013|14, AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG saw a year-on-year increase in Group revenue from € 1,603.1 million to € 1,674.3 million.

AGRANA half-year earnings 2013|14 well down on prior year

For H1 2013|14, AGRANA announces an increase in consolidated revenues to € 1,674.3 million from € 1.603.1 million in the comparable period of the prior year.


AGRANA results for first quarter of 2013|14 (ended 31 May 2013)

Revenue in the Fruit segment continued to rise significantly in the first quarter.

AGRANA Group revenue surpasses € 3 billion for the first time / Steady dividend proposal of € 3.60 per share

Revenue growth of 18.9% to € 3,065.9 million, driven by all segmentsOperating profit up 1.9% to € 236.9 million before exceptional itemsExceptional items expense of € 19.1 million in Fruit segment weighs on EBITEquity ratio of 47.0% (prior year: 45.4%)Outlook:- Modest…

AGRANA expanding in the US: Building a new facility for fruit preparations

The sugar, starch and fruit company AGRANA is expanding its market presence in North America by constructing a fruit preparation plant in the Northeastern Region of the US. The exact location has not yet been fixed.

AGRANA results for first three quarters of 2012|13 (ended 30 November 2012) – Revenue growth continues, with earnings expectations confirmed for full year

In the first nine months of the financial year, AGRANA delivered significant revenue growth (of 22.4% to € 2,389.3 million) and a slight increase in pre-exceptionals operating profit (up 2.8% to € 204.3 million).

AGRANA’s first half of 2012|13: Good performance in a volatile environment

In the first half of 2012|13, AGRANA significantly grew both revenue (by 24.8% to € 1,603.1 million) and pre-exceptionals operating profit (by 20.6% to € 142.5 million). The good earnings trend was driven by the Sugar and Starch segments.

Johannes Kleppers to become new CEO of AGRANA Fruit Division

On 1st October 2012 Johannes Kleppers will be taking over as the new CEO of AGRANA Fruit SAS.

E10 postponement has no direct economic impact on AGRANA

Given yesterday’s announcement by Nikolaus Berlakovich, Minister for the Environment, that E10 will not be introduced in Austria for the time being, AGRANA would like to reiterate the fact that this step will not have any direct impact on the company’s current economic…

AGRANA results for first quarter of 2012|13 (ended 31 May 2012) – Sound business performance is sustained in first three months

In the first quarter of the new financial year, AGRANA continued the prior year’s upward trend. Group revenue grew by 26.4% from the prior year’s first quarter, to € 774.6 million.

AGRANA Annual Shareholders’ Meeting approves dividend increase and appoints members to the Supervisory Board

The 25th Ordinary Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG today approved an increase in the dividend payout from EUR 2.40 to EUR 3.60 per share for the financial year 2011|12.

AGRANA opens 2012|13 with strong first quarter

For the first three months of 2012|13, AGRANA reports an increase in consolidated revenues compared to the prior year from approx. € 613 million to approx. € 775 million.


AGRANA harvested record results in 2011|12; Dividend increase to € 3.60 per share

AGRANA, the sugar, starch and fruit products manufacturer, grew revenue by 19% in the 2011|12 financial year to a historic high of € 2,577.6 million. Pre-exceptionals operating profit soared 80.7% to € 232.4 million.

AGRANA places €110m bonded loan with maturities of five, seven and ten years

For the first time, AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG has successfully placed a bonded loan for over €110 million on the euro capital market.

EU Commission approves joint venture between AGRANA Juice Holding GmbH and Ybbstaler Fruit Austria GmbH

The EU Commission today granted AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG (AGRANA) and RWA Raiffeisen Ware Austria AG (RWA) the green light for the merger of their fruit juice concentrates subsidiaries AGRANA Juice Holding GmbH and Ybbstaler Fruit Austria GmbH to form a joint venture. …

AGRANA results for first three quarters of 2011|12 (ended 30 November 2011) – Good business performance continues, with substantial earnings improvement expected for full year

With a very good third quarter for the Group, AGRANA’s international Sugar, Starch and Fruit activities kept up this financial year’s positive trend. Revenue in the first three quarters grew by 20.2% from the prior year’s comparative period, to € 1,952.2 million. …

AGRANA increases earnings in first three quarters of 2011|12

For the first nine months of 2011|12, AGRANA reports an increase in consolidated revenues compared to the prior year from approx. € 1,624 million to approx. € 1,952 million.