AGRANA and Gault&Millau award title "Chef of the Year 2014" to SILVIO NICKOL

Silvio Nickol is regarded in the catering branch as being particularly creative and as a brilliant representative of his art form...

Date: 18.10.2013

"Silvio Nickol Gourmetrestaurant", Palais Coburg in Vienna

Silvio Nickol is regarded in the catering branch as being particularly creative and as a brilliant representative of his art form. He knows how to serve his guests the finest dishes; dishes which, on the one hand, focus on what really matters and, on the other, surprise diners as a result of their rich variety and outstanding creativity. In the 2013 Austrian Gault&Millau Guide, this 3-star chef scored 18 out of a maximum of 20 points.


The Chef of the Year award from Gault&Millau is the most prestigious award in the Austrian catering business. The prize was awarded this year for the 31st time. AGRANA has been supporting this event for 21 years. As a globally successful company, AGRANA adds value to natural resources in its three business segments: sugar, starch and fruit.

Silvio Nickol was delighted to receive the prestigious award "Chef of the Year": "This title is an enormous honour and a great pleasure, but is in recognition not only of me but equally of every single member of the team in the kitchen and dining area. I regard this award as recognition of the hard work that my fantastic team has done in the past two years. I would also like to express my deepest thanks to all guests, friends and supporters. As the "Team of the Year", we look forward to continuing to jointly serve our guests."

Johann Marihart, CEO of AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG: "AGRANA has been supporting this award for many years because top chefs also rely on innovation and technical perfection to create unique products from agricultural raw materials. Silvio Nickol represents extremely creative, top-notch cuisine the basis of which is the high quality of the products used. This philosophy aligns perfectly with the quality standards of AGRANA."

Martina and Karl Hohenlohe, publishers of the Guide Gault&Millau, acknowledge this outstanding talent: "Silvio Nickol's cooking is better than ever, to put it mildly. Silvio Nickol has impressed us for a number of years due both to his creativity and innovation as well as his high-precision craftsmanship, but also because of the recent addition of an element of charm."


Silvio Nickol was born on 21 January 1975 in Hoyerswerda, Germany. He completed his apprenticeship at the Landhaus Hotel Waltz in Mühlheim-Lämmerspiel. Other career stops brought him to Austria via Belgium

Career stops

1994-1995   Chef de Partie at the Wald & Schlosshotel Friedrichsruhe 2**
2001-2005   Sous Chef of Harald Wohlfahrt at the Hotel Traube Tonbach 3***
2005-2006   Assistant Chef at the Hotel Traube Tonbach, Köhlerstube
2007-2010   Chef at the Schlossstern, Schloss Velden (AT)
Since 2011  Chef at the Silvio Nickol Gourmetrestaurant, Palais Coburg in Vienna (AT)


SUGAR. STARCH. FRUIT. – AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG is an internationally successful and sustainability-oriented company in these three segments. The core competence of AGRANA lies in adding value to agricultural commodities to create high quality products for the food processing industry. With around 8,500 employees, AGRANA is active on all continents. The Group generated revenues of over three billion euros in its 2012|13 financial year.

AGRANA products are a key component of daily life. The product range extends from sugar in food and starch in textiles and paper to fruit preparations for yoghurts, fruit juice concentrates as well as bioethanol as an environmentally friendly admixture to petrol. The brand Wiener Zucker, through which AGRANA is represented in the Austrian food retail sector, covers a wide range of sugar and speciality sugar products. With its outstanding levels of quality and attractive packaging design, the Wiener Zucker product range is very much a part of the sweet side of life in Austria.

Caption (from left): Johann Marihart (CEO of AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG), Silvio Nickol (Chef of the Year 2014), Martina Hohenlohe (Editor-in-Chief of Gault&Millau), Karl Hohenlohe (Publisher of Gault&Millau).
Photograph: Gerhard Deutsch

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