AGRANA discloses details of 1:4 share split resolution

Date: 24.07.2018

At the 31st ordinary Annual General Meeting of AGRANA-Beteiligungs-Aktiengesellschaft, Vienna, on 6 July 2018, a resolution was passed pertaining to a 1:4 share split. As a result, the number of shares will rise from 15,622,244 at present to 62,488,976. The capital stock will remain unchanged at € 113,531,274.76 and subsequently be divided into 62,488,976 no-par value ordinary bearer shares. Each share will in future bear capital stock equivalent to € 1.82 (rounded).

The corresponding amendment to the articles of association in the register of companies was made on 24 July 2018 and the resolution pertaining to the share split therefore came into effect on this date.

On the grounds of international stock market standards and as a result of the share split, the previous ISIN, AT0000603709, has been replaced by a new ISIN, namely AT000AGRANA3. The new ISIN will be automatically applied to shares held in securities accounts; no action is required on the part of shareholders. The recording of shares with the new ISIN AT000AGRANA3 and the removal of shares with the previous ISIN AT0000603709 will take place on Tuesday, 31 July 2018.

The change to the listing on the Vienna Stock Exchange will take place on Friday, 27 July 2018 (when trading in the new ISIN commences). AGRANA shares will remain tradeable on all trading days. Reference is nonetheless made here to the fact that, depending on the date upon which shareholders’ depositary banks record shares with the ISIN AT000AGRANA3, the possibility exists that it will not be possible to sell shares on 27 and 30 July 2018. Share purchases will not be affected by this.

The last trading day on the Vienna Stock Exchange using the old ISIN AT0000603709 will be Thursday, 26 July 2018.

The Company requests that depositary banks perform the share split on behalf of shareholders free of charge. Raiffeisen Centrobank AG, Vienna, shall act as the tender and paying agent.


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