Start of the 2023 sugar beet campaign

Date: 06.10.2023

Good conditions for 2024 growing season – contracting started

This week, AGRANA started the sugar beet processing season (campaign) at its sugar refineries in Tulln and Leopoldsdorf, in the Marchfeld region. Following a sunny September, beet sugar levels are considerably higher than in the previous year. Due to the unfavourably hot and dry weather conditions during the summer however, sugar beet yields are marginally lower than in the preceding year and, from today’s perspective, lie between 72 and 75 metric tons per hectare (prior year: 80 metric tons / hectare). The sugar beet processing campaign is expected to be completed in the middle of January 2024.

Sugar beet growing season 2024

The conditions for the 2024 sugar beet growing season are encouraging given that beet prices are based on sugar market prices and these are currently at a high level. Contracting for 2024 is already possible online at The growing target needed to ensure both sugar refineries can operate at full capacity remains at least 38,000 hectares of planted sugar beet and a beet harvest volume of around three million metric tons.