We currently have five fruit processing facilities on the Asian continent: China (2), India (1), Japan (1) and SouthKorea (1).


Both AGRANA Fruit and Austria Juice maintain sites in China.


Our fruit processing plant in western India is located south of the key city of Pune. This provides us with direct access to the best fruit, such as mangos, strawberries, pomegranates and guava. It is also not far from our customers: many companies have settled in this region. Our laboratory for research and development work and an administration office of AGRANA Fruit India are also located in Pune.


The AGRANA Fruit plant in Japan is located within the production complex of Taiyo Kagaku Co. Ltd. in Yokkaichi, close to Nagoya. The factory supplies fruit and non-fruit preparations into the bakery, ice cream and dairy industry. In addition, the factory operates a cold storage facility and a central Research & Development lab.

South Korea

AGRANA Fruit has also maintained a presence in South Korea since 1990, with a processing plant in the province of Chung-buk and an office in the capital, Seoul.