ActiBeet® is a non-GMO, natural betaine source for conventional and organic farming.

Product details

ActiBeet® is a special feed ingredient that combines non-toxic, stable and GMO- free features, to create a high quality product, suitable for conventional and organic* farming.

ActiBeet® is a natural and GMO-free feed ingredient for improved animal performance and carcass quality, and better production efficiency.

Betaine is a multi-functional nutrient that exerts a number of important physiological functions at the gastrointestinal and metabolic level. Betaine is acting as an efficient methyl group donor and as an organic osmolyte, with direct influence on the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) and health.

ActiBeet® is a nutritional aid supporting a better nutrient utilization, higher performance and carcass quality, increasing the production efficiency.

*According to the COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) No 505/201, Article 22(b) referring on use of non-organic spices, herbs, and molasses.

Our products 

  • ActiBeet® 97 – as a feed additive:  
    97% betaine content, pure (no anti-caking agent) recommended for drinking water application, suitable for organic farming*.  
  • ActiBeet® 96 – for feed/premix production:  
    96% betaine content + anti-caking agent.  
  • ActiBeet® green – for organic feed/premix production:  
    96% betaine content + anti-caking agent suitable for organic feed production*.  

* Only natural betaine, as betaine anhydrate (3a920), is suitable for organic feed production according to the Regulation (EU) 2019/2164.  

ActiBeet® L- natural source of betaine

Application and efficacy

ActiBeet® - is widely applicable for all animal categories and species.
It is a GMO – free feed material, suitable for conventional and organic* farming.
Certificates: ISO 9001, GMP+ and GMO-free

According to the COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) No 505/201, Article 22(b) referring on use of non-organic spices, herbs, and molasses.



ActiBeet® is obtained from sugar beet molasses, via ion exclusion, at the production facility in Tulln (Lower Austria). Strict quality and safety measures are followed at all stages of all production processes. These processes range from delivery of the raw material trough packaging and loading of the final product. 

AGRANA is certified according to ISO 9001, GMP+ and GMO-free.

Short overview of the production process 

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