Construction chemistry sector

Adding strength: AGRANA starch ethers are used in gypsum, slaked lime, cement and slaked cement building materials to rapidly and reliably ensure the desired product consistency.

AGRANA starch products for the construction industry facilitate and increase the effectiveness of water retention agents, improve the adhesive strength of combinations of building materials on difficult surfaces and optimise the formation of air-entraining admixtures.

The right solution for every application: Our starch ethers are as diverse as the requirements of the construction materials industry. And what isn’t already perfect can be modified until it is: We can rapidly and professionally adapt existing products to meet special new requirements. See our current folder for more information.



Starch ethers provide a wide range of different and unique product characteristics and have been specially developed to meet the needs of the construction industry.

Starch ethers are used for façade coatings, tile adhesives, grouting, gypsum floating agents, mortars and emulsion paints.



is a unique additive for optimising the bond between cardboard and gypsum required in the demanding large-scale production of plasterboard.


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