Economic footprint

In the sustainability realm, for AGRANA as an energy-intensive industrial company, the ecological aspect of its business operations has been a focus for many years. In the 2015|16 financial year the Group's contributions to the economy in terms of value-added and employment were studied more closely for the first time.

Based on the business data for 2017|18, when AGRANA's Fruit, Starch and Sugar segments generated revenue of about € 2.6 billion in 26 countries with approximately 9,400 employees worldwide, the Economica Institute of Economic Research calculated the gross value-added impacts and employment effects emanating from AGRANA's activities.

At a glance


48 % of the total gross value added is generated in the Fruit segment.


Internationally, AGRANA safeguards around 40,000 jobs. 8,721 of which are in Austria.


Internationally, nearly € 1.7 billion. Over 40% (€ 734.4 million) is generated in Austria.


As a result of its investment activity, the AGRANA Group globally generates a further € 290,7 million of total gross value added and secures 8,296 jobs.