At AGRANA Fruit, we understand it’s our responsibility to do everything we can to preserve the Earth for future generations. And we know our customers prefer products that benefit themselves, and the environment.

That’s why the environment, social responsibility and proper governance are at the core of everything we do. Our company’s mission for a sustainable future is defined by being authentic, aspirational and altruistic.


It’s our humanistic duty to protect our planet, and AGRANA Fruit takes that duty to heart. We’re continually implementing substantial improvements to ensure we operate more sustainably.


We’ve set ambitious, companywide goals that are tangible, realistic and in alignment with our short-​term and long-term environmental responsibilities.


We make decisions that go beyond what’s best for our company. Our products are also made with a selfless concern for our planet, as well as our communities.




We have made it our goal to reduce our carbon footprint, water consumption and waste to protect and enhance biodiversity and soil health.



We will become a carbon neutral business by 2050 across our entire value chain.

  • Reduce energy consumption by 5% in our operations by maximising the efficiency of our processes and preserving resources by 2025.​
  • Achieve carbon neutrality across our operations by 2040. ​
  • Achieve carbon neutrality across our entire value chain by 2050. ​

We will continue to protect water as a fundamental natural resource for all people.

  • Reduce water consumption by 5% in our operations by maximising the efficiency of our processes and preserving resources by 2025.​
  • Implement effective water risk management practices and preventive actions in our supply chain in line with climate scenario analysis by 2030.​



We will continue to protect and enhance biodiversity and soil health in our value chain by establishing Regenerative Agriculture practices as a standard for the fruit industry.

  • Develop a Regenerative Agriculture Framework for 3 fruit types by 2025.​
  • Lead pilot projects and promote Regenerative Agriculture practices by 2030. ​
  • Double our contribution to biodiversity habitat regeneration each year until 2030.​

We will continue to develop solutions that reduce food loss and waste in our operations and across our value chain.

  • Achieve zero waste to landfill by 2025.​
  • Contribute to halving food loss and waste by 2030 by actively supporting the 10X20X30 initiative.​
  • Make 100% of our packaging circular by 2030.​


Below are key metrics outlining what we’ve already done to fulfil our environmental commitments and targets.

of electricity used in AGRANA Fruit in 2021|22 is renewable

reduction of waste to landfill across all AGRANA Fruit sites since 2019|20

reduction of water consumption at AGRANA Fruit Poland due to closing the open water cooling circuit


single use plastic packaging for products delivered to customers in France, Germany and Poland


We see it as our responsibility to make sustainably sourced fruit accessible to as many people as possible while supporting our communities and ensuring a safe, fulfilling and inclusive workplace.

sustainable sourcing


We will ensure that all our fruit are sustainably and transparently sourced. We will make sustainable fruit accessible to a growing number of consumers.

  • Trace 100% of our fruit and sugar back to farmers by 2025.​
  • Achieve 32% FSA Silver or equivalent fruit by 2026 and 100% by 2040.​
  • Have all our fruit suppliers registered on SEDEX by 2025.​
  • Develop and implement decision guidelines for sustainable purchasing by 2025.


doing good for our people


We will guarantee our employees a safe, fulfilling and inclusive place to work.

  • Decrease the lost day rate to 10,5 and the injury rate to 0,8 by 2025. ​
  • Have all our operations registered on SEDEX and audited against the social standard by 2025.​
  • Strengthen our culture of sustainability amongst employees through tangible local actions by 2025.​

community development


We will support communities along our value chain.

  • Build strategic partnerships for supporting farming communities along our value chain by 2030.​


Below are key metrics outlining what we’ve already done to fulfill our social commitments and targets.

of AGRANA Fruit managers were female in 2021|22

of raw materials (volume based) were sourced sustainably* in 2021|22

of our fruit (volume based) was sourced from SEDEX compliant suppliers in 2021|22

Sustainable sourcing is an integral part of AGRANA Fruit’s strategy. We want to ensure visibility of where our raw materials come from and how they are produced while also promoting ethical, social, and environmental sustainability in our supply chain. We guarantee that the sustainable raw materials we source have been produced in accordance with our sustainability principles as outlined in AGRANA’s General Principles for the Procurement of Agricultural Raw Materials and Intermediate Products.




Download our Annual Report to find out more about our companywide sustainability initiatives.

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AGRANA Fruit Austria

Occupational Health and Safety

At AGRANA Fruit Austria in Gleisdorf we strive to provide a work environment that is as safe as it can possibly be. In our journey to improve the often-underrepresented topic of social sustainability a focus on occupational health and safety provides every employee with the essential opportunity for a long-lasting and safe cooperation between employer and employee.

In the past business-year multiple actions regarding traffic safety in our production facilities have been taken. Every reported near miss has been successfully evaluated and measures have been taken to ensure that the probability of similar unsafe situations occurring has been reduced as much as possible.

Reducing Energy/Electricity consumption

In accordance with the goals of the AGRANA Climate strategy, the reduction of energy and electricity consumption is one of the central topics regarding environmental sustainability.

Key topics are the efficient usage of the biogas generated through waste-water treatment in our own treatment plant as well as the improvement of production processes to ensure the reduction of energy and electricity used. To achieve this goal air curtains were installed in certain cool-storage areas to prevent cool air from flowing into warmer areas and steam ejectors are actively being tested on our production lines. Our measures have led to a decrease in total energy consumption of ~2,5% compared to the previous business year.

Reducing water consumption

As the production of our fruit preparations requires a significant amount of water for heating, cooling, cleaning and other usage, water is a key resource in our processes. This valuable resource requires constant monitoring and efforts to sustainably reduce our water-footprint using a multitude of actions.

The evaluation of the possibilities for recovery of water used for cleaning purposes for further usage is part of a project executed in Gleisdorf. Further measures to reduce the amount of water needed are constantly evaluated and our treated wastewater is fed back into local river ecosystems.

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