What lies ahead

Until recently, the world was becoming smaller and smaller, and supply chains seemed more and more manageable, even if they did span half the globe. However, since the beginning of 2020, we have learned how fragile globalization is and how important reliable local value chains and local production are for securing supply. Therefore we use our strength as a sustainable, profitable sugar supplier with an increasing market share for the benefit of our consumers, employees and the resources in our world.

Ensuring access to affordable food, while adding pleasure to life. For everyone!

What drives us

We believe in a world of regions, where regional production ensures security of supply, conserves resources and contributes to a sustainable society. That's why we ware strenghtening production in our existing locations. We are supporting farmers and businesses in our regions, while ensureing efficient production operations thta enable us to provide quality sugar and services in a sustainable way. 

#ResponsibilityInGrowth stands for the responsibility that we as AGRANA Sugar have towards our customers & consumers, for and by employees, towards our shareholders, with our farmers & suppliers and for the environment and people - today and tomorrow. 

As a sustainable, profitable sugar supplier with an increasing market share we use our strength as a big player for the benefit of our consumers, employees and the resources in our world.

Foundation of our success

  • Strong competencies and experience in sugar production
  • High commitment to customer centricity
  • Longstanding partnerships with all our stakeholders
  • Innovation and utilization of digitization potentials
  • Highly qualified, well-trained & committed employees
  • Responsible of all of our resources
  • Solid financing structure and profitability

As AGRANA Sugar we want to be the sugar supplier of choice in all our sales regions. Based on a strong partnership with regional farmers, we offer the best sugar products and services in a sustainable way. Thinking about sugar is talking about AGRANA.

We strengthen our market position

We are market leader in all our existing markets in Central and Eastern Europe, and we are ready not only to defend this role, but also to steadily expand it. Therefore, we are committed to being a reliable partner, investing in our local brands, providing excellent customer service and maintaining a comprehensive sugar portfolio ranging from bulk sugar to specialities and organic. To fulfil our supply mandate, we will also buy on the world market as needed and refine raw sugar. In addition to our main markets in CEE, our joint venture AGRANA- STUDEN makes us one of the most important suppliers of white sugar in Southeastern Europe.

We strive for operational excellence in all our activities

Regional production facilities and short distances to our suppliers and customers are a key element of our value chain strategy. Our strength as AGRANA Sugar Division lies in our experience: we know exactly how to produce, store and distribute sugar efficiently. And there is something else we know from experience: there's more we can do. We will use our capability of doing continuous improvements to produce and distribute even more efficiently and thus reduce our ecological footprint.

We secure the beet supply

We aim for a “win-win” partnership with our farmers. Why should they continue to grow the beet for our sugar varieties in the future? Because it fits into their business and pays off for them. That’s why we are committed to paying fair prices for beet today, to continuous innovation to secure beet growth and to supporting farmers so that we increase the beet supply for a sufficient utilization of our factories. Only if sugar beet is at least as profitable for farmers as alternative crops they will stay with sugar beet and benefit.