Careers & Development

Talent Development

Over the past years, AGRANA has developed from being a purely Austrian producer of sugar and starch to a diversified global player. Well qualified and highly motivated employees are a decisive factor in our success. That’s why talent development has always been of strategic importance and a priority at AGRANA. Many of our top and middle management began their careers at one of AGRANA’s subsidiaries.

AGRANA strives to safeguard its future growth around the world. Internationally experienced employees with an interest in continuously developing further and firmly committed to life-long learning are essential to AGRANA’s future development. Talent development encompasses the identification, acquisition, recruitment, development and retention of employees at all levels. It forms a core task for every manager and safeguards company growth, fosters creativity and innovation, as well as promoting diversity. The annual feedback meetings between managers and their team members are an integral element here.

We regard all employees who continuously contribute to the success of our company as talented individuals and therefore also want to provide them with support and contribute to their development. Every employee should have the opportunity to develop themselves further, both in terms of their expertise and personally. Besides an extensive training programme, which is available both offline and online, we also invest in group-wide development initiatives which challenge and promote employees with outstanding potential.

Impressions of the development initiatives at AGRANA