BioAgenasol® N+

The new purely plant-based premium fertiliser with more impact.

BioAgenasol® N + with more impact

BioAgenasol® N+ is a new organic fertiliser with more nitrogen. Based on the classic BioAgenasol®, refined with pure wheat gluten, BioAgenasol® N+ is even more effective. The new fertilizer is currently only available in limited quantities. For this reason, the new fertilizer is limited exclusively to AGRANA contract raw material suppliers.

The facts at a glance:

  • 7% nitrogen
  • even faster effectiveness
  • proven BioAgenasol® quality
  • without further costs 
  • limited production
  • ONLY FOR AGRANA contract farmers!

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BioAgenasol® is registered with InfoXgen and therefore authorised for use in organic agriculture.


Field crops


1.000–1.500 kg/ha before planting
Corn 1.200–1.400 kg/ha before planting
Sugar beet 800–1.200 kg/ha before planting
Wheat 300-500 kg/ha before planting

* The quantities are to be seen as a general recommendation with proper fertilization. We recommend adapting the actual application rates to the regional soil and climatic conditions. Application possible with standard spreading equipment, promt incorporation is recommended. 

Effect of BioAgenasol® N+

BioAgenasol® N+ is a purely plant-based complete fertiliser and soil activator from Austria with a fast and long-lasting effect that is approved for organic farming.

BioAgenasol® N+ is suitable for all types of crops. In addition to its nutrients, our fertiliser also offers a high level of wash-out safety and at the same time increases the water retention capacity in your soil. An important contribution against increasingly frequent dry periods. The yield and soil life is sustainably strengthened and improved.

The advantages of BioAgenasol® N+

  • 7% nitrogen
  • Promotes humus formation and therewith soil health
  • Organic components over 95%
  • Free of animal components
  • very quick initial effect, long-lasting effect
  • Effective even at low temperatures
  • Pleasant scent (malty-bready)
  • Lower risk of leaf scorch due to over-fertilization
  • Harmless to humans and animals

BioAgenasol® – Improvement of  plant health

Technical data

Nutritional Composition

Physical properties

Organic components > 95 %

Bulk weight

approx. 620 kg/m³
Total nitrogen 7 % Grain size -
Total phosphor 2 % Pellets 3-4 mm
Total potassium 1.5 % Colour medium to dark brown
Magnesium oxide   0.6 % Odour wood/bread
Chloride-free < 0.5 % pH 4.5 – 5.5
Salt content < 4.0 % Shelf life two years from delivery date
Calciumoxid 0.15 % Storage protect from frost, moisture and direct sunlight

Production BioAgenasol® 

Grain size

BioAgenasol® N+ is generally available with as  3-4 mm pellets.

Packaging units

Our BioAgenasol®N+ organic fertiliser is available in the following packaging units

  • Bulk
  • Big Bag