The 100% vegetable-based, slow-release fertiliser and composite fertiliser with a soil activator.

100% plant-based, slow-release, complete fertiliser and soil activator

BioAgenasol® is a purely vegetable, organic long-term complete fertilizer and soil activator from Austria.

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  • BioAgenasol® is registered with InfoXgen and Fibl Germany, therefore authorised for use in organic agriculture.
  • BioAgenasol® is certified according to SHC and NOP.
  • BioAgenasol® is currently approved and on the market in the following countries:





Field crops

  • Young plantations: 500–700 kg/ha, late autumn or spring
  • Established plantations: 700–900 kg/ha, late autumn or spring
  • Berry plantations: 700–900 kg/ha, spring
  • Grapes: 500–700 kg/ha, spring or autumn
  • Spinach: 1,500–1,800 kg/ha, before planting
  • White / red cabbage: 2,000–2,500 kg/ha, before planting
  • Legumes: 600–900 kg/ha, before planting
  • Tomatoes / peppers: 900–1,100 kg/ha, before planting
  • Pumpkins: 700–900 kg/ha, before planting
  • Potatoes: 1,000–2,000 kg/ha, before planting
  • Corn: 1,400–1,700 kg/ha, before planting
  • Sugar beet: 900–1,300 kg/ha, before planting

The quantities are to be seen as a general recommendation with proper fertilization. We recommend adapting the actual application rates to the regional soil and climatic conditions. Application possible with standard spreading equipment, promt incorporation is recommended. 

Effect of BioAgenasol®

  • BioAgenasol® is a purely plant-based complete fertilizer and soil activator from Austria with a fast and long-lasting effect that is approved for organic farming.
  • BioAgenasol® is suitable for all types of fruits and vegetables as well as viticulture and crops. In addition to its nutrients, our fertilizer also offers a high level of wash-out safety and at the same time increases the water retention capacity in your soil. An important contribution against increasingly frequent dry periods. The yield and soil life is sustainably strengthened and improved.

The advantages of BioAgenasol®

  • Promotes humus formation and therewith soil health
  • Free of animal components
  • Quick initial effect, long-lasting effect
  • Effective even at low temperatures
  • Pleasant scent (malty-bready)
  • Lower risk of leaf scorch due to over-fertilization
  • Harmless to humans and animals

BioAgenasol® – Improvement of  plant health

Technical data

Nutritional Composition

Physical properties

Organic components > 90 %

Bulk weight

approx. 500 kg/m³
Total nitrogen 5.5 % Grain size 0,2-2 mm & 2–7 mm
Total phosphor 2.5 % Pellets 3-4 mm
Total potassium 1.5 % Colour medium to dark brown
Magnesium oxide   0.6 % Odour wood/bread
Chloride-free < 0.5 % pH 4.5 – 5.5
Salt content < 4.0 % Shelf life two years from delivery date
Calciumoxid 0.15 % Storage protect from frost, moisture and direct sunlight

Production BioAgenasol®

Grain size

BioAgenasol® is generally available with a grain size of 0,1-2 mm, 2–7 mm and as 3-4 mm pellets.

Packaging units

Our BioAgenasol organic fertiliser is available in the following packaging units

  • Bulk
  • Big Bag
  • Bags


We have numerous new distribution partners in Austria, where you receive our new 20kg bags also in smale quantities for gardening.
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The current dates for 2021/22 will be the following: 

Bio Austria bauerntage - CANCELED!

25. - 27. Jänner 2022
Location: Wels, Schloss Puchberg

ab hof messe - NEW date!

12. - 15. Mai 2022
Location: Wieselburg


Washout experiments with Corn

The multi-year field trails in Styria - Austria confirm the nitrate washout safety by using BioAgenasol® with simultaneous humus build-up and a very good yield.

Washout experiments with potatoes 

In 2018, another BioAgenasol® trial with potatoes was conducted, in which the nitrate discharge risk was tested in sensitive groundwater areas.

Washout experiments with pumpkins

The Styrian Agricultural Chamber conducted a scientific trial with oil pumpkins in 2016 in order to investigate the performance and the impact of the organic fertiliser BioAgenasol® in sensitive ground-water areas. BioAgenasol® was determined to be highly resistant to washout.

Laimburg trial

The Laimburg Research Centre conducted a scientific study in 2016 to investigate the effectiveness of the organic fertiliser BioAgenasol® and to compare this with the effectiveness of other organic fertilisers. 


Fertiliser trial with chives

A field trial was conducted with organic chives grown on organically cultivated land.

Fertiliser trial with chilli peppers

A field trial was conducted with organic chilli peppers grown on organically cultivated land.