Top-notch solutions for the cosmetics industry (body care)

If you want to do without silicone, nylon and micro-plastics (nano-plastics) in your cosmetic products, then you would be well advised to use our starches for cosmetics and body care. Our starches used in cosmetic and body care products are sustainable and organically degradable.

New: Natural Styling Applications with Starches from AGRANA

AGRANA has developed an outstanding hair styling mousse with 100% natural ingredients and starches as green styling agent and thickener. Completely free from synthetic polymers!

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Cosmetic applications

Starches occur naturally in the form of small white granules which vary in terms of shape and size depending on their origin. Starches absorb fats/sebum, improve the texture of the skin and form an excellent basis for powders.

Sample Applications

We offer modified and native rice, corn and tapioca starches for the cosmetics industry. For example, these are used in the following applications:


There is another application example for liquid shampoos and conditioners.

Product range for cosmetic applications

Cosmetic Formulations


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