Products for pharmaceutical applications

Our starch products for pharmaceutical applications comply with the current regulations of the US Pharmacopeia (USP) and the European Pharmacopeia (Ph. Eur.).

AGRANA offers a range of products for the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Powder for medical latex products
  • Excipients and carrier substances for tablets, pills and sugar-coated tablets (native starches)
  • Maltodextrin, (dried) glucose syrups and dextrose

Product range for pharmaceutical applications



Excipients and carrier substances for tablets, pills and saccharified tablets.

Native Starches

Maisita 21.003 Native maize starch
Stärkina 20.013  Dehydrated potato starch
Quemina 21.200  Pregelatinized Corn Starch         


Carrier substance with different sweetening power for pastilles (cough sweets etc.).




Starches provide a (partial) alternative to talc and mica. Starches can

  • absorb sebum,
  • enhance skin feel,
  • and improve the stability of pressed powders.

Corn starch has a similar particle size range to that of mica (2 – 25μm) whereas rice starches are even finer (approx. 8μm) and exhibit an extra ordinary soft-touch. The large surface allows a fine distribution of both functional and active ingredients.


Agenasorb 9020



Cross-linked maize (=corn) starch, which does not swell or agglutinate. Sterilizable without lumps. Application for lubricant for dusting of examination and surgery gloves, condoms, etc.