How we live up to our social responsibility at AGRANA

At AGRANA, we are well aware of our social responsibility along the entire value-added chain.

This starts with us sourcing our agricultural commodities in a socially responsible manner. We produce top-quality food, animal feed and upstream products for various processing industries, and we do this resource and energy-efficiently. And, we always act as a socially-responsible employer – worldwide.

But that is not all. At AGRANA, we also demonstrate a global commitment to cultural and social issues beyond the scope of our business operations.


  • CONCORDIA România works with children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, including orphans and children left behind by their parents. Through the management of residential groups, CONCORDIA România offers children a home where they can grow up protected and enables them to have a good and happy childhood. With the support of CONCORDIA, AGRANA is supporting an internationally active and independent aid organization that works for children, young people and families that need help.

  • Help during particularly challenging times. Providing children with a caring home characterised by dignity and warmth, support for them and their families during difficult circumstances and jointly discovering ways out of the crisis, these are the key tasks of the SOS-Kinderdorf charity. Around 1,950 children and adolescents found a caring and stable home at SOS-Kinderdorf facilities this year; a year in which we have all faced major challenges.

    Photo (c): Gerhard Berger/SOS-KINDERDORF

  • For more than 30 years, die möwe organisation has been offering children and adolescents as well as their carers and representatives support and help after experiencing physical, psychological or sexual violence. The support ranges from crisis intervention, advice, psychological diagnosis and legal support as well as psychotherapy in order for them to come to terms with traumatic experiences. Violence, neglect and sexual assaults continue to be unpleasant and taboo subjects which, as a result, often lead to mental overload and a sense of helplessness.