How we live up to our social responsibility at AGRANA

At AGRANA, we are well aware of our social responsibility along the entire value-added chain.

This starts with us sourcing our agricultural commodities in a socially responsible manner. We produce top-quality food, animal feed and upstream products for various processing industries, and we do this resource and energy-efficiently. And, we always act as a socially-responsible employer – worldwide.

But that is not all. At AGRANA, we also demonstrate a global commitment to cultural and social issues beyond the scope of our business operations.


  • CONCORDIA România works with children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, including orphans and children left behind by their parents. Through the management of residential groups, CONCORDIA România offers children a home where they can grow up protected and enables them to have a good and happy childhood. With the support of CONCORDIA, AGRANA is supporting an internationally active and independent aid organization that works for children, young people and families that need help.

  • World Vision's Malawi THRIVE program aims to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers. This is to be achieved through various measures that help farmers to increase their incomes e.g. for climate-friendly agricultural practices or the systematic reforestation of pasture.

    ©Image: World Vision | Jon Warren

  • The Corona virus has plunged India into a dramatic crisis. CARE builds temporary COVID hospitals, distributes protective medical clothing, provides on-site education to the population and gives them food and hygiene materials.