Contract growing in the Starch segment

At its starch mills and bioethanol plants in Austria, Hungary and Romania, AGRANA processes around two million tonnes of cereals per year and therefore is a major market player as a result of its purchases of regional surpluses in its key procurement markets of Austria and Hungary.

The procurement of waxy corn, organic corn, organic waxy corn as well as certified GMO-free corn and wet corn is largely based on growing contracts. A proportion of the requirements of ethanol wheat and ethanol triticale are met through growing contracts. At its potato starch mill in Gmund | Lower Austria, AGRANA processes starch and food potatoes (organic and non-organic) to make puree and dough-based products. Starch potatoes are sourced under growing contracts.

Sustainability Documentation Starch

Potato Cultivation Implementation of the SAI's Farm Sustainability Assessment

In the 2017|18 financial year the previously voluntary completion of the FSA questionnaire became mandatory for some contract suppliers. In the Starch segment, Austrian contract potato growers selected in accordance with the SAI FSA Implementation Framework and its Audit Guideline participated in the mandatory FSA self-assessment and the external audits to SAI standards. Based on the results of the external verification, AGRANA’s Starch segment is entitled to claim FSA gold or silver status under SAI standards for more than 75% of the statistical population of all Austrian contract potato growers. AGRANA’s minimum requirements are fulfilled by all Austrian contract potato growers; areas of potential for improvement identified by the audits are addressed through existing training programmes. The FSA reverification audits in accordance with the SAI requirements are scheduled for the 2020|21 financial year.


Procurement of raw materials for wheat starch and bioethanol production

When it comes to procurements of raw materials for the production of wheat starch and bioethanol, AGRANA has for years relied on the International Sustainability and Carbon Certificate (ISCC) and the Austrian Agricultural Certification Scheme (AACS). Both the ISCC and AACS are accorded silver status in the SAI system.