Careers & Development

Careers & Development

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to support high performing people in our organisation. To obtain the appropriate recognition it is indispensable to become visible in the organisation, which is only possible by showing outstanding performance, extraordinary commitment and continuous personal learning. In this respect, AGRANA's top management will always support your development!"

(Johann Marihart, Chief Executive Officer, AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG)

Talent Development

Why Talent Development?

During the last twenty years AGRANA has transformed itself from a purely Austrian Sugar and Starch producer to a diversified, globally operating group. Well-trained and motivated employees are a decisive factor for our company’s success. Therefore, Talent Development has always been an important strategic issue and priority for AGRANA. Many of AGRANA’s top and middle managers began their careers in one of the Group’s companies or its predecessor companies.

AGRANA aims to ensure its global future growth. Internationally experienced, flexible employees with excellent language skills, who are interested in management and expert careers, are increasingly important for AGRANA’s further development. Talent Development is about identifying, attracting, hiring, developing and retaining talented people at all levels. It is one of the core responsibilities for every manager, encourages creativity and innovation, and champions diversity.


Goals of Talent Development

  • To foster managerial awareness for the development needs of employees
  • To ensure a sufficient number of internally available future leaders and experts

We consider all employees, who contribute continuously to our company’s success, as talented individuals and want to support and develop them. While we want to invest in all talents, we also want to foster people according to our perception of their potential.


Talent Development - A Decisive Factor For Corporate Success

In the context of the annual Appraisal Interviews, every AGRANA employee discusses her/his individual development plan with her/his superior. Employees are encouraged to attend professional and soft skills trainings based on training needs defined in these interviews. We want every employee to have the chance to grow to her/his maximum potential in line with the business needs.