The crystalline betaine is produced by Beta Pura GmbH, a subsidiary of AGRANA, in a newly built crystallisation plant next to the sugar refinery in Tulln, Austria. At every stage of production, special attention is paid to producing high quality betaine for the cosmetics, feed, and food sectors.’

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Betaine Production

Beside sugar, by-products such as beet  pulp, lime and molasses and liquid betaine are also obtained.

Producing betaine from the sugarbeet is an exciting procedure, pre-supported by the sugar production and molasses desugarization, to finally derive crystalline betaine.


Production of liquid Betaine

To generate more sugar from the by-product molasses, 
the molasses undergoes a desugarisation process.  

The following products are derived by means of molasses desugarisation:  

  • Thick juice II  
  • Residual molasses, and
  • Liquid betaine  

Production of Crystalline Betaine

To derive crystalline betaine, the liquid betaine 
passes through a crystallisation process giving rise
to an amino acid blend and a filter cake besides crystalline betaine. 

Betaine for food and personal care purposes is subjected to an additional polishing process.