Dried and liquid saccharification products

Dried saccharification products

AGRANA offers different spray-dried saccharification products. The lines AGENAMALT and AGENABON  contain products with dextrose equivalents (DE) from 6 to 97.

The free-flowing, water soluble, white powders are of high microbiological purity. Depending on their DE the taste is neutral to sweet. They are perfectly convenient to be applied as carrier in the food and pharmaceutical industry. 

Due to the composition of carbohydrates with different length, products of the AGENAMALT- and AGENABON-range can be easily digested.

Liquid saccharification products

AGRANA' s product portfolio contains syrups with different contents of fructose and glucose. Additionally we offer high fructose corn syrup (isoglucose) and maltose syrups

  • Standard glucose syrups
  • Glucose syrup (low DE value)
  • Glucose syrup (high DE value)
  • Maltose syrups (maltose syrup with a high maltose content)
  • Glucose syrups with high glucose and maltose contents
  • Fructose syrups (with a low fructose content)
  • Fructose syrups (with a high fructose content)