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Construction chemistry sector

Construction chemistry sector

Adding strength: AGRANA starch ethers are used in gypsum, slaked lime, cement and slaked cement to rapidly and reliably ensure the desired product consistency. AGRANA starch products for the construction industry facilitate and increase the effectiveness of water retention agents, improve the adhesive strength of combinations of building materials on difficult surfaces and optimise the formation of air-entraining admixtures.

The right solution for every application: Our starch ethers are as diverse as the requirements of the construction materials industry. And what isn’t already perfect can be modified until it is: We can rapidly and professionally adapt existing products to meet special new requirements. See our current folder for more information.






Starch ethers provide a wide range of different and unique product characteristics and have been specially developed to meet the needs of the construction industry.

Starch ethers are used for façade coatings, tile adhesives, grouting, gypsum floating agents, mortars and emulsion paints.



is a unique additive for optimising the bond between cardboard and gypsum required in the demanding large-scale production of plasterboard.

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Organically-based plastics / BIOPLASTICS

The plastics industry also benefits from AGRANA’s starch products and our many years of experience.

Thermoplastic starches from AGRANA are used in composite materials and compounds: The ideal combination of mechanical properties, natural starting materials and biodegradability.

Besides extrusion and injection moulding, thermoplastic starches from AGRANA are also used in 3D printing. As a result, the application areas range from plastic carrier bags to horticultural products and even model making. Our thermoplastic starches and compounds are made using renewable resources grown regionally and without genetic modification.

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textiles industry

Starches for the textiles industry

The right material: AGRANA’s starch products are used in the textile industry as sizing agents, adhesives for textile webs, textile print thickeners and in digital printing applications. They are ideally compatible with additional finishing agents such as optical bleaching agents, filling agents, synthetic resins and dispersion agents.

sizing agents for yarns

STARCH is the product most widely used for sizing of staple fiber yarns made of wool, rayon, linen and for mixtures of these fibers with manmade fibers. AGRANA starch products are biologically degradable special starches which, using ultrafiltration plants, can be recovered even when used in combination with synthetic sizing agents.

AGRANA's produced SOLAMYL® 9570  and SOLAMYL® 9636 are made out of potato starch and are hot water soluble.

AMITROLIT® products are also made out of potato starch and are cold water soluble.


AGRANA STARCH products can be used as thickener for dye pastes and also to increase the brilliance and ensure sharper contours. AGRANA starch products for fabrics and knitwear made of cotton, viscose, manmade and mixed weaves.

AMITROLIT® products for textile printing and belt-adhesives are made out of corn and potato starch.


DIGITAL INKJET PRINTING is having a major impact on the processes of textile printing and is on the way to transform this industry. It allows for single pieces, medium-quantity as well as, thanks to the steep technological development curve even longrun alternatives to screen printed fabric.

  • In conventional analog screen printing modified starch ethers are used directly in the printing paste to obtain contour sharpness together with color brilliance.
  • The pre-treatment of the garment has a significant impact on the printing result. AGRANA offers special modified starches as antimigrant to prevent bleeding to be used in the preparation of textile substrates as alternative to alginates.


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Adhesives industry


Sticking to the point! The corrugated board industry traditionally relies on corn starch and wheat starch. AGRANA corn and wheat starches are characterised by excellent adhesion and rapid initial tack, which is particularly important at high machine operating speeds.

Starches for sealing bags

The COLLABOND® brand from AGRANA covers a range of dry adhesives based on corn starch which have been specially developed for use in the production of paper bags.

These products are suitable for

  • Sealing the lengths, sides and bases of paper bags
  • General paper sealing purposes, such as for bags and sacks
  • Roll winding

AMITROPASTE® P26 is corn starch soluble in cold water used as an adhesive paste for paper bags.

AMITROGLUE® is a cold-water soluble starch for labelling adhesive formulations. Good bonding strength and rheological properties.

Starches for corrugated board lamination

The AMITROCOLL® brand from AGRANA covers a range of dry adhesives based on corn starch which have been specially developed for use in corrugated board lamination.

The AMITROL product range is made up of special adhesives based on corn and wheat starch.

Labelling Glue

AGRANA´s labelling glues provide excellent long time viscosity and pH stability. They give excellent wet tack and show optimized rheological properties (up to 60.000 bottles/h).

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Paper industry


Paper is patient: For decades we have been an important partner of the paper industry with our technical starch products. We not only supply high-quality starch products, but also ensure their optimal preparation and further processing - with our JET cookers made to measure.

Wet-end starches

AGRANA’s wet-end starches are offered based on potato, wheat and corn and soluble in either hot or cold water. They perform fibre and filler retention roles and increase the stability of paper.

Surface starches

AGRANA’s surface starches for size presses or similar applications are available in both hot and cold-water soluble forms based on potato, wheat and corn starches.

Coating starches

AGRANA offers a range of modified starch ethers and esters for this area based on potato, wheat and corn starches. These products are soluble in hot or cold water and are suitable for paper coating and as a basis for coatings.

In addition to its wide range of starch products for the paper industry, AGRANA also offers special equipment for this sector: AGRANA assembles and installs JET boilers tailored to customer requirements as the basis for optimally processing AGRANA starch products.

Starch for corrugated board production

AGRANA provides wheat and maize starch under the brand name AMITROL for the production of glue by the Steinhall-, Minocar- or similar processes.
In addition, Readymix products based on wheat and corn starch are also offered which only need to be stirred into water.

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