Energy & emissions

AGRANA’s processing of agricultural raw materials is energy-intensive, especially in the Starch and Sugar segments. It is subject to the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and, through the greenhouse gas emissions generated, has negative impacts on people and the environment. AGRANA is committed to operating responsibly and strives to minimise harmful emissions to the extent possible or reduce them to a lower and lower level.

Energy consumption (Scope 1+2) of the AGRANA Group


Energy mix of the AGRANA Group


1. Correction due to an acquisition error.

Emissions (Scope 1+2) of the AGRANA Group


CO2 emissions (Scope 1+2) from processing operations at AGRANA plants per tonne of product output

Corporate Carbon Footprint of the AGRANA Group
in 2019|20 and 2023|24

1 For time reasons, the values shown for 2023|24 (except those for fruit preparations) were primarily calculated using factors based on the processing quantities of the most important agricultural raw materials.

2 Total of 3.2 Capital goods, 3.6 Business travel, 3.5 Waste, 3.8 Upstream leased assets (primarily storage space, offices) and 3.7 Employee commuting.