AGRANA bee project

Fortunately, more and more people become aware of the importance of bees for our ecosystems. In addition to the wind, water, birds, bumblebees and wild bees, the honey bee plays a particularly important role in pollination.
As a processor of agricultural produce in its Fruit, Starch and Sugar segments, the long-term quantitative and qualitative availability of agricultural commodities forms a fundamental precondition for AGRANA’s business operations. Furthermore, AGRANA offers a wide range of bee feed products. 

As a result, and as part of its sustainability initiatives, AGRANA started a project in 2016 to protect honey bees.
In 2021, we re-aligned our bee protection program, which has been in existence for many years.
Ten beehives have been placed at each of our production sites in Austria, which are cared for by beekeepers from the region. With this project we want to contribute to the protection of ecosystems and biodiversity and at the same time support local beekeepers in their important work.
And – most importantly – we receive delicious, high-quality and regional honey for our partners and employees.

Our local bee keepers on location are pleased to introduce themselves to you: