Our high-quality protein feed for livestock is GM-free and is produced in the AGRANA plant in Pischelsdorf (Lower Austria) from the raw materials wheat, triticale and corn.

  • GMO-free soy alternative produced in Austria
  • High protein content with at least 28 % crude protein content in the fresh mass
  • Supports rumen activity through high yeast content and structural fibre
  • Optimised stability of pellets with constant ingredients
  • Strictest mycotoxin monitoring

Product information

Nutritional parameters/kg **



Dry mass (DM) 92 % 100 %
Raw protein (XP) 28 % 31 %
Useful XP 25 % 27 %
UDP in % 45 % 49 %

* WM wet mass, DM dry mass / ** The stated values ​​are non-binding guide values ​​and subject to fluctuations due to the nature of raw materials. Current analysis values ​​can be provided upon request.

Usage in feed

ActiProt® contains at least 28 % crude protein in the fresh mass. The high proportion of rumen-stable protein (45% UDP), the particular palatability and a higher crude fat content, in contrast to soybean meal, characterise ActiProt® as an ideal source of protein for dairy and beef cattle. ActiProt® has a good shelf life. And also, crucially for many farmers, ActiProt® is accepted by all animals.

Due to its high protein content and beneficial energy content, ActiProt® can be used as feed for all livestock species.

  • Cattle: ActiProt® can be used as the sole protein carrier.
  • Goats: ActiProt® can be used as the sole protein carrier.
  • Pigs: ActiProt® can substitute soybean meal to a great extent while balancing amino acids.
  • Poultry: ActiProt® can replace 10% of the total diet.

Information in compact form

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ActiProt® is available loosely or in large bags (1,000 kg) from warehouses and traders of agricultural products.

ActiProt® Action for STIK contract farmers

We are currently offering an ActiProt® protein supplement campaign for our starch potato contract farmers.