The international brand concept

In Austria, the top-level brand Wiener Zucker enjoys a long tradition.

The same top-level brand concept is also used in other countries: Slovakia uses Korunný Cukor, in the Czech Republic, its Korunní Cukr, Hungary relies on Koronás Cukor, Romania is familiar with Mărgăritar Zahăr and Bulgaria’s supermarket shelves are full of Zahira. Our brand concept is clear: Thanks to their common origin, the country-specific brands are immediately recognisable at an international level yet also tailored to local markets. As a result, we have created a market presence in the countries Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria which is unique in the sugar industry.

AGRANA Sales & Marketing GmbH acts as a holding company for all of the subsidiaries in the Sugar segment and, as such, is responsible for their coordination and management.

Wiener Zucker – a successful brand of AGRANA

Gugelhupf, Palatschinken, Krapfen – these renowned Austrian pastries and desserts are known throughout the world and serve to advertise the best-known Austrian brand – Wiener Zucker. Wiener Zucker is dominant Top of Mind, has 82% unaided, 97% aided brand awareness and at 76% Wiener Zucker is the top-of-mind brand. (SOURCE: MEDIA1 7-LÄNDERSTUDIE, JULI 2018)

Both attractive packaging designs and consistently high quality levels are the keys to the success of our sugar brands. With so many different varieties, consumers are simply spoilt for choice.

The Wiener Zucker product family is as diverse as the sweet sides of Austria. Because every individual moment of enjoyment requires Wiener Zucker in a different form, dosage or consistency.

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