Food ingredients

Food Ingredients

Starch is an important ingredient in many food products. Our starch for the food industry is obtained from the natural products potatoes, corn, waxy corn and wheat. The focus here: Modern and environmentally-sensitive production methods and only the very best commodities. The result: High-quality starch products – guaranteed!

Product portfolio

Customers from all over the world appreciate the high quality of our diverse product portfolio. Our recipe for success? Modern production processes and decades of experience.

Native,  Modified  and Pregelatinised starches

Native and Modified Starches

Native Starch

Modified starches

Native starch is a powder obtained from plants containing starch. It is used as a thickening agent and a stabilizer. Good examples of this include custard, desserts, sauces and many forms of instant foods.

Modified starches are obtained from native starches as a result of physical, enzymatic or chemical processing methods. Wet and dry chemical processes, drum drying and extrusion methods are all used. The properties of native starch such as its freeze-thaw stability, acid or alkali resistance or even its shear stability can be changed by means of these processes. Depending on the raw materials used starch is used for different applications.

Pregelatinised starches

Modified pregelatinised starches

Are treated hydrothermally and therefore swell upon the addition of cold water.

Are first chemically modified and then physically treated.

AGRANA offers pregelatinized starches and flours from

  • potato starch
  • corn starch
  • waxy corn starch
  • certified GMO-free corn starch
  • wheat

and different blends.  

You can find more information in our delivery program!

Saccharification Products

Dried saccharification products

AGRANA offers different spray-dried saccharification products. The lines AGENAMALT and AGENABON  contain products with dextrose equivalents (DE) from 6 to 97.

The free-flowing, water soluble, white powders are of high microbiological purity. Depending on their DE the taste is neutral to sweet. They are perfectly convenient to be applied as carrier in the food and pharmaceutical industry. 

Due to the composition of carbohydrates with different length, products of the AGENAMALT- and AGENABON-range can be easily digested. 

Liquid saccharification products

AGRANA' s product portfolio contains syrups with different contents of fructose and glucose. Additionally we offer high fructose corn syrup (isoglucose) and maltose syrups

  • Standard glucose syrups
  • Glucose syrup (low DE value)
  • Glucose syrup (high DE value)
  • Maltose syrups (maltose syrup with a high maltose content)
  • Glucose syrups with high glucose and maltose contents
  • Fructose syrups (with a low fructose content)
  • Fructose syrups (with a high fructose content)

Potato Flakes and dried potato products

Potato Flakes and dried potato products

AGRANA produces high quality food ingredients manufactured  from regionally grown potatoes.

The product range includes potato flakes from pre-cooked potatoes as well as dried potatoes in various cut shapes. These products are important components in many areas of the food industry.


Area of application

  • Snacks industry
  • Baby food (bottled)
  • Purées
  • Dough mixtures
  • Bakery products
  • Soups and jams

AGRANA also supplies special components for dough mixtures and various preparations for the food industry which are tailor-made to customer requirements.
It is also possible to supply catering and end-consumer packaging units.

Wheat gluten

In the starch factory in Pischelsdorf, wheat proteins are obtained from wheat flour by mechanical separation. These are cleaned, dewatered and dried to powder. Wheat gluten is used as an ingredient for high-quality baked goods or as a protein rich meat substitute.

You can find more information in our Wheat Portfolio!


A focus on the future. Our objective: Identifying new applications for starch-based products and improving existing products even further. We closely monitor markets and listen carefully to our customers. These are the keys to successful new products and technologies.













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