AGRANA sugarbrands communication 

Tradition is a valuable factor of trust in the food category. It must be maintained and reflected in the future. However more people need to realize that AGRANA Sugar Brands are not a merely heritage brands from the past, but quite the contrary. We offer smart solutions for modern culinary needs and applications. Therefore, our goal is: Moving from a Traditional Brand to a Brand with Tradition!

Here’s what I can do

AGRANA is now taking a decisive step for its overall communicative presence for its sugarbrands in seven countries: With the brand promise "Here’s what I can do."  AGRANA is appearing for the first time with a transnational brand promise. A slogan that not only underlines the portfolio, but above all stands for what our products can do.

International campaign

When sugar is often viewed too one-sidedly for its disadvantages, it is time to offer a new perspective on sugar. Sugar is not only an ingredient; sugar has the ability to transform itself and simple dishes into pure delight and special moments. This transformation is especially visible when it comes to jam, boiling down & baking. The switch from sugar to „happiness in a jaw“, is a fascinating transition and our key theme inspiring us for this campaign.