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A pioneer in sugar

Sugar has traditionally been our core business: We produce sugar at a total of nine facilities in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Bosnia-Herzegovina. It is here that we process sugar beet from contract growers and refine raw sugar sourced from around the world.

Premium quality product rangE

The AGRANA product range provides end consumers and industrial processors with diverse products made from beet sugar and sugar cane. Our Wiener Bio Kristallzucker is made from Austrian sugar beet grown applying monitored organic growing methods and makes us Europe’s largest organic sugar producer. What makes AGRANA sugar special?

Top quality requirements extending from the seeds to the sugar production, in combination with end-to-end traceability and product authenticity. That is why AGRANA is the market leader in Austria.

Wiener Zucker in food retailing


The products sold under the traditional Wiener Zucker brand are as diverse as our local pastry tradition. Whether it’s Sachertorte, pancakes, semolina or Salzburger Nockerl – one ingredient makes all of these famous desserts unmistakeable: Wiener Zucker!

The sugar is produced at AGRANA sites in Tulln and Leopoldsdorf, both in Lower Austria. It is then sold on to end consumers and the food processing industry under the Wiener Zucker brand. Customers appreciate both the attractive packaging design as well as the consistent quality level. It is for exactly these reasons that the Wiener Zucker brand has long enjoyed such an outstanding reputation among Austrian consumers.

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Sugar for Food production and catering sectors

Food production and catering sectors

AGRANA offers industrial customers a wide range of conventionally and organically grown tailor-made sugar products. Our long-established and stable business relationships with local producers and major international groups make it clear that we are delivering exactly what our customers demand.

Our top-quality products are used in the food processing industry as well as in the baking and confectionery sectors. Examples include their use in the production of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, dairy products, confectionery or in fruit processing and the production of jams. Sugar is sold in volumes ranging from 4g sugar sachets to full tankers.

Hellma sugar portions

The carefully portioned products, particularly sugar sticks and sugar sachets, of Hellma have long been classic products. These individually packaged products are a daily encounter. They are the perfect accompaniment to hot beverages, breakfast spreads or simply as a small gift. Hellma offers sugar portions which are perfect for every occasion and taste, regardless of whether in the catering, hotel or bakery sectors. Besides sugar portions in sticks and sachets, Hellma also provides a selection of coffee accompaniments and small confectionery items such as biscuits for every taste as well as portioned bread and spices. For more details, please visit

Sugar and sugar specialities

Wiener Zucker in Austria and for instance Koronas Cukor in Hungary: Our unmistakeable country-specific brands are the key to marketing our diverse sugar products and sugar speciality products in the food retail and industrial sectors.

Our successful brand strategy: Consistently high levels of quality and attractive packaging designs. This makes AGRANA one of the leading sugar companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

Applications & Products

Organic sugar

  • Organic crystallised sugar
  • Organic gelling sugar
  • Organic icing sugar

Sugar products for end consumers

  • Sugar cubes in different shapes and sizes
  • Crystallised and Fine crystallised sugar
  • Powder, Icing and Baking sugar
  • Caster sugar and Sugar crystals
  • Gelling and Syrup sugar
  • White and brown rock candy
  • Fructose and Glucose
  • Brown sugar
  • Yellow sugar
  • Cane sugar („Fair Trade“-certified)

sugar for

  • Pastries
  • Confectionery
  • Dairy products
  • Preserves
  • Frui processing
  • Drinks

Sugar comes in many varieties

Sugar is far from being a single product – it comes in numerous different forms. Presses shape the various sugar cube varieties such as standard sugar cubes, espresso sugar cubes, bridge sugar and sugar cones. Milling produces icing sugar, baking sugar and powdered sugar. Caster sugar is a particularly free-flowing variety of icing sugar which doesn’t form clumps every when used on warm bakery products. Besides sugar, gelling sugar also contains apple pectin and citric acid. Syrup sugar consists of fine crystallised sugar and citric acid. In order to prevent gelling, pectinase is added to the syrup sugar for the production of syrups based on berries and stone fruit. White and brown rock sugar are made from a top-quality sugar solution which crystallises slowly. Brown sugar is crystallised sugar to which sugar cane syrup has been added. Fructose plays a role in calorie-reduced nutrition. Glucose is a particularly rapid source of energy.

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Sugar is versatile. Whether based on conventional or organic growing methods, our sugar products are used in the food processing industry and other sectors or are sold to end customers via food retailers. We also produce animal feed and fertilisers for the agricultural sector.

Getting the most out of sugar. Various by-products are also processed rather than simply being disposed of. At AGRANA, we practice a sustainable business cycle. We manage to use nearly 100 % of the agricultural commodities involved in sugar production.

An example of this is molasses, the syrup extracted during the last crystallisation process. Molasses contains non- crystallised sugar (6 to 9 % of the sugar contained in sugar beet) as well as the soluble non-sugars found in the sugar beet. Molasses is a valuable product which is processed to make baking yeast and animal feed as well as being used to make alcohol. The sugar beet cosettes left over in the extraction tower are also processed further. After being mechanically pressed and molasses added, the cosettes are dried, pressed to form pellets and sold as animal feed.

THE international BRAND CONCEPT

In Austria, the top-level brand Wiener Zucker enjoys a long tradition.

The same top-level brand concept is also used in other countries: Slovakia uses Korunný Cukor, in the Czech Republic, its Korunní Cukr, Hungary relies on Koronás Cukor, Romania is familiar with Mărgăritar Zahăr and Bulgaria’s supermarket shelves are full of Zahira. Our brand concept is clear: Thanks to their common origin, the country-specific brands are immediately recognisable at an international level yet also tailored to local markets. As a result, we have created a market presence in the countries Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria which is unique in the sugar industry.

AGRANA Zucker GmbH acts as a holding company for all of the subsidiaries in the Sugar segment and, as such, is responsible for their coordination and management.


AGRANA’s quality management system has been certified according to ISO 9001. The sites in our Sugar division have also been certified according to FSSC 22000, IFS, BRC, GMP+, ORGANIC, KOSHER, HALAL, SMETA, ISCC, ISO 50001 and FAIR TRADE. Our quality management system is audited at regular intervals and is also evaluated by top management in the course of annual management reviews.

Wiener Zucker
A TRADE Mark of agrana

Making us the partner you are looking for

AGRANA is a technology leader when it comes to producing sugar from sugar beet. Our state-of-the art facilities ensure top material and energy efficiency.

Tailor-made solutions

Diverse growing advice


Tailor-made solutions

Close partnerships with beet growers

Top quality standards

Nearly 100 % exploitation of the agrarian commodities used

Decades of experience and expertise

The latest

highest quality standards

Always in focus: sustainability and quality management

Organic Sugar

Rightfully increasing in popularity: our organic sugar beet. Grown on fertile local soils and characterised by outstanding levels of quality. Thanks to the many years of experience and care taken by our growers.

Wiener Zucker’s organic sugar reflects environmentally-sensitive growing methods and sustainable agriculture. This is safeguarded by a strict monitoring system – extending from the field to the finished product. Our fine-grained organic crystallised sugar is an all-rounder in any kitchen and free of any unwanted taste sensations. Click here for an overview of our organic products.

Sweet greetings from AGRANA

The secret of our success is hardly a secret: close partnerships with our beet growers. We are extremely proud of these partnerships.

Our German-language slogans “Süße Grüße vom Bauern” (Sweet Greetings from the Farmer) and “Süße Grüße an die Natur” (Sweet Greetings to Nature) highlight our sustainable approach to business and provide beet growers a voice. These slogans are printed on signs placed in beet fields, on retail packages of Wiener Zucker products, on sugar sachets for the catering sector and also on packaging units for major customers. “Sweet Greetings” can also be sent as a symbol of sustainability in the form of a special postage stamp.


SUSTAINABLE sugar production

Sustainability is firmly anchored in AGRANA’s corporate philosophy. And this applies in practice along the entire value-added chain – extending back to sourcing activities. We are making sugar beet growing in Austria fit for the future: With sustainability programmes which we develop in cooperation with farmers and customers.

Curious? Check out our short video to understand what we mean by sustainability in agriculture and sugar production.


Discover the fascinating world of sugar.


 Our extensive product range spoils our customers for choice: Whether for baking, sweetening or jam-making – the Wiener Zucker product range always offers exactly what you are looking for.



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