AGRANA bees at the Aschach site

For the Aschach site, beekeeper and AGRANA employee Bernhard Baumann looks after our bees. He introduces himself:

My name is Bernhard Baumann, I am from Hartkirchen and have been working for many years in a technical profession at the AGRANA Stärke plant in Aschach.

I have a connection to bees since I was a child, as my father has been a beekeeper since 1979. I have accompanied my father since I was little and grew up with the tasks associated with beekeeping. At the age of 5 I had a special bee experience that I still remember very well: I drove with my father to the beehives and got stung for the first time – but that didn't stop my enthusiasm for bees!

Currently I take care for about 40 bee colonies. Through many years of working with bees, I have acquired a lot of knowledge. Numerous courses and training courses have steadily increased my know-how.

I have been looking after the 10 beehives at the AGRANA site in Aschach since 2020. In general, I enjoy working with bees and it is a very pleasant balance to my professional activity and also a kind of “switching off mentally from my everyday life”.

I make the following products: honey, mead, propolis, beeswax, beeswax candles and oxymel. These are offered for purchase at our farm and in various shops in Hartkirchen and Aschach.