AGRANA bees at the Tulln site

For the Tulln site, beekeeper Eva Forstner conscientiously looks after our AGRANA bees. She introduces herself:

My name is Eva Forstner and I am delighted to be able to look after the AGRANA bees at the Tulln site.
How I discovered my passion for beekeeping had a lot to do with coincidence. On holiday in 2018, I read a book on the subject of "self-sufficiency", which also described the handling of bees and the production of honey. The chapter "bees" fascinated me especially. My curiosity was aroused!
I read more literature on the subject of beekeeping, but - to be honest - these books and contents confused me more than they gave me clarity on the subject.

So I decided to do a beekeeping training - the clarity, my knowledge and also the fascination and joy of the topic and of the bees themselves grew.
After completing my training I started small with three bee colonies and continuously increased in number.

I am always fascinated by how these small insects organize themselves and what they produce. An ingenious system in itself - the colonies of bees!