AGRANA Bienen am Standort Wien

For the Vienna site, beekeeper Thomas Klepp conscientiously cares for our AGRANA bees. He tells us, why gingerbread, among other things, brought him closer to beekeeping:

My name is Thomas Klepp and I look after the AGRANA bees in Vienna.

My attachment to nature and my love of food and its processing - I am a pastry chef and baker - awakened my desire for my own beehives. In addition, I learned the craft of making gingerbread in a gingerbread shop. As you know, the basic product for these delicacies is our honey. Two beehives led to the beginning of my passion. As I used to treat animals with respect and a lot of joy since childhood, it was a matter of course for me to take care of my bees according to ecological and animal-friendly beekeeping. However, the switch to organic beekeeping only took place during the AGRANA project. In my area, many beekeepers have had problems with the effects of climate change and the Varroa mite. My research led me to hyperthermia with the so-called “Varroa Controller”, which I have been using frequently ever since. I have written a report on the use of it, of which I am very proud.

As a pastry chef, I am allowed to pass on my knowledge to our apprentices at the vocational school for food, tourism and dental technology in Vienna Längenfeldgasse. For me, the acquisition of specialist knowledge is the basis for professional manual work. Because of this attitude and the desire to professionalize my work with the bees, I attended the training course of beekeeping specialists and passed the exam. In autumn 2023 I will start the certificate course as a bee educator at the Bienenhof Salzburg.

In my apiary “KleBee” I currently manage 45 colonies. I build the hives and frames myself. For me, the production of honey is the main activity of beekeeping. My honeys are sold at the farm, at the local supplier, in a honey specialty shop and in a small self-service cupboard as well as in the hobbock, a barrel or canister-like shipping container.